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The Flash - The Key Issues

Updated on September 1, 2016

The Flash

The Flash is one of the best known superheroes in comic books, first appearing in Flash Comics # 1 in 1940 the character is still going strong today both individually and as a member of the Justice League Of America and an upcoming TV series soon to be shown. There have been four characters who have held the mantle of The Flash, Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen. Here we take a look at what are the key issues in the history of The Flash.

Flash Comics #1
Flash Comics #1

Flash Comics # 1

Created by writer Gardener Fox alongside artist Harry Lampert, Jay Garrick the original Flash made his debut in Flash Comics #1 in January 1940. This issue tells how college student Jay Garrick gains powers of super speed by inhaling heavy water ( whatever that is!) and is soon donning his red costume and mercury winged helmet and fighting crime.


All Star Comics # 3

The first time we see The Justice Society Of America of which original Flash Jay Garrick would become a member. The JSA would feature lesser known heroes for example Hourman and Dr Fate, but Batman and Superman would sometimes appear as well as The Flash and Green Lantern and Wonder Woman made her debut in this comic in issue 8.

All Flash Quarterly # 1
All Flash Quarterly # 1 | Source

All Flash Quarterly # 1

Flash joins Batman and Superman with a comic book solely dedicated to his adventures.

Flash outruns even the speed of a camera.
Flash outruns even the speed of a camera.

Showcase # 4

During the early part of the 1950s the public seemed to fall out of love with superheroes as horror and science fiction comics became firm favorites with the young readership. After senate hearings which essentially banned the horror comic DC decided to bring back the superhero and begin what we now know as the Silver Age Of Comics. Showcase issue 4 is credited as the book that begins the Silver Age when a new Flash Barry Allen is introduced in this issue.


Showcase # 8

The second appearance of the Silver Age Flash Barry Allen.


The Brave And The Bold # 28

The superhero team The Justice League Of America of which Barry Allen The Flash is a prominent member make their debut in this issue from 1960.


Justice League Of America # 1

The Justice League get their own comic in November 1960.

Flash battles the Mirror Master.
Flash battles the Mirror Master. | Source

The Flash # 105

Following on from the success of his appearances in the Showcase titles, Flash is given his own book again with the numbering carrying on from the original series. This issue hit the news stands in March 1959.

The Silver/ Golden Age Flashes meet.
The Silver/ Golden Age Flashes meet. | Source

The Flash # 123

Released in September 1961 this issue is one of the best loved and iconic comics from the 1960s. In the story contained the reader is reintroduced to the Flash from the Golden Age Jay Garrick and Earths parallel universe Earth 2. Crossovers between the two worlds would then be featured in many DC comics from then on culminating in 1985s mini series Crisis On Infinite Earths.

Crisis On Infinite Earths

In this major crossover event from 1985 Silver Age Flash Barry Allen meets his death saving the Earth from destruction.


The Flash # 110

The first appearance of Wally West nephew of Barry Allen. After a laboratory accident young Wally inherits the same super powers as his uncle and becomes the new Kid Flash. Wally becomes a member of the newly formed Teen Titans and becoming best friends with "Robin" Dick Grayson. After the death of his uncle during the Crisis On Infinite Earths Wally takes on the mantle of The Flash.


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      4 years ago

      Thanks mate.

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      4 years ago

      Good to see another one of these key issue hubs. I find them very informative.


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