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The Flaw

Updated on April 9, 2012

The book was finished,

bound by glue and ink

but the cover was wrong.

There was a flaw in the title.

Maybe the author did

it on purpose.

Maybe the editor missed it.

Maybe the printer

made a mistake.

But it glared out

from the perfect typeface,

wrong from any angle.

Changing serious

into ridicules;

mocking the high purpose

of the noble novel.

And what were they to do now?

How to fix this felonious flaw

that cleverly snaked its way

onto the page and leather

of copy after copy?

The men eyed each other

wanting to push the blame

and the decision

onto someone else.

But they were the publishers,

they had the final say.

Money and deadlines

weighed upon their souls,

or would have

if they had any.

Finally, the decision was made.

Correct, Redo, Reprint.

Return the lost ‘y’

to complete the proper title:

“Handy Jobs”.


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