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The Fled Lovers

Updated on March 7, 2020

I like adding life to lifeless lives that is why I cannot do without creative writing, because it is a way of touching some hopeless lives


1. He left his race

And land for another

There he discovered her

And would not let her go

2. They have become snail

And shell in the

New land, they are

Like brother and sister

3. The news soon gets

To his people and

Because of the maltreatment

Meted out to them

4. By her fore parents

Decades past his people

Have resolved they would

Dissuade his mind on it

5. He was invited home

For urgent meeting he

Left in vigor and

Confidence to return to her

6. Unknown to him that

‘Was invited because of

Her, his thought was

To break the news to ‘em


7. Was kept aback when

Discovered that he was

Invited home for what

He wants to break to ‘em

8. Reasons for him to

Distance himself from her

Were laid bare before

The young brilliant chap

9. All his defense fell

On deaf ear for

They ‘d all made up

Their minds, it’s no go area.

10. Forsooth, he was asked

To leave the land

For home or another

Place because earth’s Lord’s.

11. If he leaves the

Land he won’t be

Able to think of her

Again since not seeing her.

12. Neither would he put

Up defenses for the

Race again, for he

Would think straight then


13. Promised he to do

What said and requested

To return to at

Least gather his belongings

14. On getting back told

Her everything and after

All said and done

Decide to relocate together

15. Left for a far

Land leaving no traces

Of their movements and

There they started living

16. Their love is like

A blossom flower that

Puts up good fragrance

And beautiful color daily

17. No intrusion as people

Knew little about them

Silently and lovingly living

Growing in their love

18. Their neighbors envied their

Relationship and many prayed

They would have love

And lovers likened to half theirs’


19. People of the land

Didn’t believe such love

They express among themselves

Could indeed be real

20. A person of another

Race, color, tongue, tribe

To be involved with

Each other as this?

21. It beats them hollow

Their dreams never revealed

Such neither does it

Cross their imaginations.

22. For all before now

Their thought had been

Such exists on Hollywood

Or some story books

23. Seeing this a reality

They had no other

Explanation other than with

Love everything is possible.


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