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The Flotsam Of Humanity.

Updated on December 4, 2009

The Flotsam Of Humanity.


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I am assaulted by

billboards to the left of me....
to the right of me
all around me as I

sojourn across this 44 west.

zsigns that beg me to

come to fantastic events,
to visit the den of metal arts,
to play peek a boo

at an adult bookstore
with a side of naked flesh to go,
to view exotic animals
in their natural settings.

One only need go to a local
Oklahoma bar to cbserve that!

Even the rolling billboards
the eighteen wheelers
t h r e e--- t r a i l e r s ---- l o n g!!!!!
assail my thoughts,
1-800-how am I driving
you're driving me insane,
with the bright neon lights
and pasted on ads that you tow
across the beauty of ,

my countries landscapes.

Cellular structures rear
their ugly heads as well
stuck in the middle of
natures finest spots.

Towers of babble

for all those
yadda-yadda-yadda housewives
weaving cross the lanes
or businessmen making

last minute phone calls.

Putting more dollars

in their pockets
and casualities in the papers
from all of thier

electronic configuring .

I never had the need
to make such

an immediate call
except in an ememrgency
where I could not

just pull of the road
and drop a bit of change

into a pay phone.

So I do not condone

the cellular towers
that blight my sight nor
the idea of their convenience
versus the joy of

pure scenic wonders.

Then there are bumper

stickers screaming at me
to find Jesus when I

am the one who is lost
Jesus was a man of taste
who would not approve of
such neon orange

on black plastic banners
glaring at passer bys.

Gas stations dwarf me

with 80 foot signs
advertising the price of fuel
as if they are proud

of just how costly
it has become to

the American people.

Restaurants all

peddling their wares
with huge hot dogs

in phallic splendour,
Paul Bunyan statues

and enticing ads.

Gigantic pictures of
cheese pasta and meatballs
hamburgers dripping with lettuce
tomatoes and special sauce
plus all-you-can-eat buffets
where you can gorge yourself
into a bloated heap of

sleepy traveling gas.

Billboards offering antique malls
people's junk put on display
for other people to buy
nostalgia on a budget.

Historical markers

from hysterical times
comemorating battles and other
terrible things that occurred
as well as positive things
but no one ever stops

to read the fine print
do they???

We're far too busy

rushing on to the next
hysterical...historical event.

helium balloons float

like giant testicles
in bright colors

over auto dealerhips.

Large bags of gas

in the air and on

the ground trying to
sell you a gas guzzler.
that will cost a second

mortgage on your house.

I drove this trip

to see the country
to experience each

states individual beauty.

Instead I gaze on the flotsam
and the gargantuous

fixtures of human greed,
overrun consumerism....

man's negligence to nature,
and endless roadside shrines

to the almighty dollar.

I have approximately

twelve hundred miles to go
and now I understand

why horses wore blinders
and why old people who

travel with bad vision smile a lot.

To them the blurs are a

kaleidiscope of soft colors
and the many colored
happy pills they take.

This road is a

monstrous yellow pages
12 hundred more

I've yet to turn
my eyes grow weary

at the prospect...

so it's exit

96 for lunch....................

~~~~~~©-MFB III


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    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 8 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Whitman would like this one.