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The Folger's Can. The Home Of The Little Yellow Bird.

Updated on July 16, 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013.

Those who have read the tales of the little yellow bird should know more about her wonderful life. She was brave, and loyal to her kind. Her childhood boyfriend became her husband who went to flight school in the Air Force, and in theNavy, and eventually became a very important commander of jet flyers. His specialty was the formidable Stealth bomber, especially the Raptor which was a highly sophisticated bomber. And this flyer was kept classified for many essential years in and ongoing effort to maintain peace among all nations and super powers.

The little yellow bird was raised by good parents who lived in a 33 oz. coffee can on the porch of a mobile home. Inside the can there was a nest of straw where her brothers, and sisters were born as well.

The can had hot, and cold running water, a jacuzzi , a shower, three bedrooms, two baths, a modern kitchen, a toaster, microwave oven,pop corn maker, a pasta maker, recipe books, a large screen television, cable, a phone service, a computer, and a modem for internet services, special anti virus ware, spyware, anti identity theft ware, a lot of update services, and windows sweet packs from Microsoft. .

The little yellow bird was raised right by good parents, and God. And once in a while the little yellow bird would fly to Heaven where God would be waiting in a rocking chair to listen to her talk about her youthful life. God took care of the little bird , the tiny little girl that loved sword fighting with her pain in the butt younger brothers.

The Folger's can was definitely home for all the little birds of nature that sought protection from strong winds as it rested on the top shelf of a simple porch.

The little yellow bird had a full, and protected life of wonder, and beauty. She enjoyed education, art, singing, and her piano lessons. She even played the violin, and when she played it with all her heart, her mom, and dad, and her grand parents enjoyed the wonderful music of the finest musicians on earth.

The beautiful , and elegant little yellow bird , and her young , and naive boyfriend loved life, and freedom. They would fly everywhere. They would fly to malt shops, burger joints, and would enjoy wonderful picnic meals as they would fly near the mobile home where Becky lived.

For many years the little yellow bird, and her lover perched themselves on a pecan tree limb to watch Becky play music from her CD's.

Becky was a little human girl that never walked, but she always had a smile for the little yellow bird, and her nobel lover who would one day fly jets for the president of the United States, and to protect a beautiful, and mighty nation called America.

Great happenings can come from small places. Elvis was born from humble ways, and so was Lincoln, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, and George Washington along with great rock and roll entertainers like the Three Dog Night, or of great performers like Billy Joel who created that beautiful song, Uptown Girl.

God, and the little yellow bird would always find time to talk , and to share knowledge with one another. God was like her father in many respects. He did his best to protect the little young girl bird who had a lot to learn about life, also from her mother.

The mother of the little yellow bird was exceptionally cool, and educated , and had much knowledge to share with her daughter.

The little yellow bird learned how not to get pregnant unless she got married. Her lover who would one day become a commander of jet flyers knew not to fool around with her unless to respect her, and to honor her in sickness, or in health.

As for the nice people that lived in the mobile home, they enjoyed every moment of nature , and the critters that were part of earth . The people of the mobile home always remembered the little birds of earth, and from Heaven, and how important they were.


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