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The Folsom Hotel Saloon Menage

Updated on June 11, 2012

And 4 The Girlz Downstairs (Revisited)

© By Drew A. Blanc - JKP

Have recently reinvented myself and decided to drop in on the peoples who are the patrons and work at the historic, “Folsom Hotel Saloon.”

I use to live there (yes, upstairs houses an actual living environment) Geographically speaking it was only plaster, a small indefinite amount of patched wood beams and the causal (who knows) agent holding it all together. That was pretty much it and the only physical separation from me and the downstairs going on's. To say it was a “trip” is an understatement.

I rarely ventured to the ground floor saloon part of that habitation/building, but when I did, I encountered a slice of real life activities in all it's glorious shapes and varieties – In this current clip I cherish those times and look at the present with another viewpoint, but with a somewhat similar reminiscent contemplation. With bright eyes and clear unobstructed mind, below are my present-day thoughts.

As 4 the girlz . . .

Alisha (aka Frankie) the self educated exotic doll. Her looks are a given, but what really stands out about this precious girl is her extreme intelligence. I love the fact she can masterfully hold her own in a chaotic environment known as the “condition” of all patrons who relinquish their sensibilities of reason at the door. Bright and intuitive she maneuvers herself in a continuous motion. This, with a resounding persistent endeavor to overcome the inane verbal backlash that comes with the caper of said duties. Yep, she is down with it. The unwritten science with such an inebriated social folk, control is her code. I asked her once if she was unamused yet? Her reply, “it comes with the territory.” She has accepted the chore and I think kind of relishes in it's uniqueness. Alisha!

Sara/Kent (obviously Kent is not a girl) but when I talk about the employees of this establishment and Sara comes up, I can't help but to commix these two together. What a team. You have to watch these individuals as a duet. They are definitely a combo with unsaid telepathic processes that shows their true understanding of each other and unwavering knowing of each others love. I'm envious of these two. Sara is the girl you grew up with. She is down to earth and a ear for listening to your self indulgent dopy narratives. I needed a sounding board and she always listened with thoughtful nonjudgmental commentary. Sara girl!

Tera my sweet – Oh man, I don't know where to start with my love for this girl. I always fancied myself with a companion/soul mate like her. Rhett is a blessed man indeed. The Vernado sisters who all have such lovely hips, radiant smiles and long black hair truly kill all the boys that encounter them. That is not by all means and not even close to what makes them so endearing. Tara calls me a half-breed. In her pretty little head she assumes that I'm part Mexican. Now it is true that I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and I speak better Espanol than her, Ben and Ray put together, but in actuality I get my dark looks from the Danish blood in me. So I continue to entertain that conjuncture of her wanna be premise. Tera is the middle sister and a true tomboy in my opinion. I told KC one time that I wish I could clone her. Could you imagine two Tera's in the same world? How much better we would all be! There would be a juxtaposition matter we would have to deal with, but man the blessings we would all acquire. It would be well worth it - That's Tera my sweet!

Have to mention Scotty my buddy – Brooke is good for you my friend – Daniel, my comrade LOL. Brother Fill (a true hippie) Lindsey, a beautiful true sweetie and perfect addition to the frenzied saloon. Mert, the consummate hard working soul whom (from my perspective) lives life on his own terms and is not apologetic to anyone who can't fathom his nature.

Not to forget, of course, KC the proprietor. It was good seeing you Kace. You know what - same school different towns sweets!

A poet once wrote, “My candle burns at both ends, it will not last the night. But ah my foes and oh my friends it gives a lovely light.”

Johnny (Juanito)


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