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The Food Poet

Updated on April 4, 2015

No. 01

I am a

Sweet and sour fish,

Roaming free in the great sea;

You are

Salt pepper bird's wing,

Soaring high in the blue sky.

One day afternoon,

You flew down to the water surface, and ask: --

"Between you and me,

Which is a better appetizer

For a bowl of rice?"

No. 02




Really has any difference?


At the end of the story

The Prince and princess lived happily ever after


Both ate small cakes every day.

No. 4

I am passing by the world of yours


All your delicious food

I want to pack up

And take it away.

No. 5

If there's such a farm

The grass tastes like matcha tea

The sun tastes like pomelo

Sunny day tastes like mint

Cloudy day tastes like almond,

Then, I wish

The bulls and sheep in the farm

Taste like salt and pepper.


I think

Red and Green color matching is very lovely

Just like my little Chinese-English Dictionary

Little strawberry

Little tomato

Little Red flowers set over green leaves



Things are lovely because they're little


This biscuit is so lovely

I couldn't bear to eat it

At the last

I couldn't bear any more

I have to

Eat it all

No. 8

My darling

I wish I could ride the fastest horse

To eat you

Could I?

No. 9

When I'm eating desert

Always wish the time stand still


Perhaps at the next second

I might put on weight.

No. 10

Roasting live oysters

Steaming snow crabs

Salt baking prawns

Living in a house towards the sea,

With spring blossoms.

No. 11

It’s not I choose food,

But food chooses me

I feel so great.

No. 12

My math teacher is very lovely

And very black

Looks like a cute black bunny

But I can't understand math

After every math class

I'm always dying to

Eat rabbit meat.

No. 13

I travel to Szechuan to eat

To Nanking to eat

To Hangchow to eat

To Hongkong to eat

To Belgium to eat

To Italia to eat

To Mexico to eat

At last

I'm still the slim me!

No. 14

I say, I don't eat pork

But ate the braised pig feet.


Always says one thing and means another

No. 15

At the midnight


Was hungry

She ate the pumpkin wagon

The next day

Her feet couldn't fit into the Glass slipper

No. 16

My appetite

Has never left me

No. 17

Time flows like a river

Don't let it flow away in vain

Must catch some fishes

Out of it

No. 18



And bridegroom

Exchange Onion Ring: --

This Onion Ring is a token of my love.

I marry you with this Onion ring,

With all that I have and all that I am


I will forever wear this Onion ring

As a sign of my commitment

And the desire of my heart.

No. 19

Been thinking to chop the pickled parabola

Wrap them up inside an oval

Bind tight with hyperbola

Boil and eat it.

(Poems by Dengleng Wang[王登棱], translated by Jim Sheng from Chinese)


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    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 2 years ago from The Country-Side

      love the Cinderella one the best but They are all done well