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The Fosters -- A Shot In The Dark

Updated on July 30, 2013

The twins are blamed for the shooting

Okay, let me get this over. I was wrong. I was so sure the shooting victim would be Mike and he'd be killed. Stef turned out to be the one who was shot, and thankfully she survived it. However, the shooting and the twins bio mom, Ana, may continue to haunt the Foster family and cause trouble for them.

News of Stef being shot and being in critical condition spreads slowly through the family.

It turns out Jesus wasn't even in the crack house and Stef need never have gone there. He meets Ana off-sight to tell her about a woman's shelter she can go to and she gets him to give her some money. When Jesus finally answers his phone, Mariana feels none of this would have happened if he had just told her what he was up to or answer the phone, but Jesus tries to put all the blame on Mariana for what happened.

I'm usually anti-Mariana, but I was on her side this time. She took Jesus to meet their mother and he's the one who wouldn't let it go and was determined to help her. By this time Mariana had had more than enough of Ana's user ways. So if Jesus had told Mariana he was determined to get their mother help, and answered his phone when she called him, none of this would have happened.

Lena learns about Stef when she's picking up Jesus. She really has a hard time not verbally blaming them for what happened to Stef. She tells an unconscious Stef she's trying her best to forgive the twins for what they did, but she's having a hard time doing it. When Stef recovers, Lena finally is able to forgive them and when she runs into Ana at the hospital, she threatens to kill her if she ever comes near the twins again.

Brandon also blames the twins for what happened to his mom, until Callie talks to him and gets him to make peace with them. Wyatt drops by and observes a close moment between Brandon and Callie and puts it all together. He tells Callie he knows she's using him to fight her feelings for Brandon and encourages her to tell Brandon how she feels about him. She does just that, but before she can speak to Brandon she sees Talya rush into his arms and decides to keep her feelings to herself.

The twins worry that maybe the Moms will send them away because of all the trouble they've brought to the family. They're put at ease when Brandon apologizes for blaming them for Stef's shooting. And are further put at ease when Lena is finally able to forgive them for what happened to Stef.

Stef's shooting also hits Jude hard as it brings back memories of his mom. Turns out Callie and Jude lost their mom when their father was driving drunk. There father was sent to prison because he also smashed into another car killing the passengers. That's how she and Jude ended up in the foster system. Callie doesn't believe their father will ever return to them, but since they're mentioning him a lot I have a bad feeling he'll do just that.

Mike has his own problems as his boss worries his drinking may have played a part in the shooting and is effecting his job performance. He also has to has to answer questions by Internal Affairs about the shooting of Ana's druggie boyfriend. And they're not the only problems he faces. When Mike puts some booze in his coffee Brandon discovers it and tells his father he wants nothing more to do with him.

Flashbacks show how Stef and Lena met, how Stef was separated from Mike and meeting Lena forced her to reveal to him that she was gay. It also showed how the twins came into Stef and Lena's lives.

When Stef wakes up, she asks Lena to marry her and Lena happily says yes. Stef is also questioned by Internal Affairs about what she remembers about the shooting. Her initial statement backed up what Mike said. However, as the drugs wore off Stef and her mind became more alert, she remembered what really happened in the crack house. While Ana's druggie boyfriend did shoot her, after that his gun fell to the ground and fired when it hit the ground. The end result was Mike shot and killed an unarmed man. If the truth comes out his career will be over. It remains to be seen if he could also face criminal charges because of it, as well.

While it remains to be see if Stef will reveal to Internal Affairs what she now remembers happening, it may be a moot point. Ana is arrested and brought to the hospital to identify her boyfriend. She claims she was at the crack house during the shooting and saw what happened before she climbed out of the bathroom window and went off to meet Jesus. Did she see her boyfriend drop the gun and can she tell everyone Mike shot an unarmed man? And if the truth comes out just how much more will Mike's drinking escalate?

I'm sorry to say it seems like we're at the end of Wyatt and Callie. I actually liked them together better than Callie and Brandon. I thought Wyatt was a more likable and interesting character than Brandon is. I also think he's cuter than Brandon. And Wyatt got major brownie points for not being mad at Callie for using him and urging her to be with the one she really liked best. This character is a keeper and I really hope that this isn't the last we'll be seeing of Wyatt.

I was also glad that the truth finally came out about Mariana stealing Jesus' pills. It'll be interesting to see how the Moms deal with Mariana now they know she isn't so perfect. And knowing the Moms still love her knowing she isn't perfect may be a good thing for Mariana. It's possible she puts on the perfect act because she thinks if she shows she's not perfect they may not love her. Even though the Moms adopted her and Jesus, they both revealed that they still have fears about being sent away even though they were adopted.

All in all, this was a very good episode. Perhaps the best of the series so far.


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