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The Fourth Little Pig

Updated on June 27, 2016

There are many famous pigs, including the three little pigs. This tale is about the fourth one.

Did you know there was a fourth little pig?
Did you know there was a fourth little pig? | Source

There were lots of huffers and puffers in the land.

Of huffers and puffers there were many.

A kind, friendly, non-judgemental , little pig could become quite confused and scared at times.

Her three brothers had each offered to let her live with them, but then she knew who would be expected to do the cooking, wash the curtains, and scrub the floors. if she did live with one of them; the other two might expect the same, even if she didn't live in their houses.

She decided that it would be much better to be independent for now. They would always be happy to have her decide to join one of them.

They offered many enticements and promises, from free groceries, right down to putting her on their insurance as a dependent, and even a phone that would print out her conversations, if she ever needed a hearing aid, plus a free motorized chair she could use around the house, if the whole thing just became too much.

"I'm not interested". she said. "I can take care of myself. It's the way I was raised."

Her first little brother had a modest home made out of straw. It was cheap, but cozy.

"Just imagine all the sweeping I would have had to do!", thought the fourth little pig.

That house was hardly big enough for one little pig, much less two, so the fourth little pig was happy that she had made a wise choice.

The second little brother spent a lot of time digging and cutting solid roots, from which he made his slightly larger home, and it even had an extra bath he pointed out as an incentive to get the fourth little pig to live with him.

"What wil happen when the rains come, and all those roots start to grow?", thought the fourth little pig. She wagged her curly tail contented that she had made a wise decision to provide for herself.

The third little pig spent all of his inheritance to build a fine, fancy home of bricks, also with two baths, but with three bedrooms, so she could live with him and sometimes the other brothers could come to visit and play poker. Two of the three little pigs liked to gamble, and spend their inheritances wildly. When those funds ran out, they started borrowing to improve their lifestyle. Soon they started owing the lenders more than they made.

"I'm better off living by myself", thought the independent fourth little pig. "And besides, this way I don't have to worry about their debts, and what happens to their houses, if they can't repay their lenders." She gave her curly tail another contented wiggle, and went to work in her strawberry patch, where she had planted carrots at one end.

The fourth little pig had rented a place of her own, including her garden patch, and she was really quite self-sufficient by virtue of selling most of her two crops of carefully tended strawberries, and eating her own carrots and other vegetables, while her parents had provided that her share of the inheritance could keep her safe and secure.

The day came, however, when the local tax collector (an especially demanding wolf) came to the first little pig's straw house to collect the first brother's overdue taxes. The first little pig said that he was broke, out of work, and couldn't pay because he had gambled on a good turn of the cards, and had lost.

Contrary to later rumors, the wolf evicted the first little pig, foreclosed on his mortgage and kept the straw house for himself. The first little pig tried to find a job, because his taxes were still owed.

When the same happened to the second little pig, the wolf confiscated his house too, roots and all, and the second little pig joined the first little pig going to live at the third little pig's brick house.

Now it was the third little pig's turn to be visited by the wolf for his taxes, and when it was determined that the third little pig also owed more than he could pay, all three little pigs showed up at their sister's place and told her she needed to be charitable and take them in to live with her.

The fourth little pig wisely said that, while she loved each of them dearly, she had learned the lesson their parents had taught her in a story of the little red hen, and another one of the grasshopper and the ant.

She told them, with a realistic degree of sadness in her voice that "You each wanted me to choose your home and adopt something of your lifestyle, but I couldn't do that and live with myself. I will share my strawberries and carrots while you find jobs, and pay back what you have borrowed and owe, My humble place is too small, and our parents intended my inheritance to last my lifetime. It is not selfish of me to follow their wise counsel... and there will always be all those huffers and puffers with their various ways of bringing everyone's dwelling crashing down."


© 2012 Demas W. Jasper All rights reserved.

The Three Little Pigs

The Grasshopper and The Ant:


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    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 5 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      While protecting ourselves, let us work for the well-being of the whole.

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 5 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      Gypsy Rose Lee: I expected you were posing that as a question. I am glad you didn't, as I am not sure how I would have answered. Isn't it interesting that while we must stand alone, we are at the same time a part of the whole?

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      And so as we leave those three pigs behind we go off our own way to decide independently who to support and who not to. We've got our own share of huffers and puffers on this side of the world and things here to are not getting better but worse and it's every man and woman for him and herself.

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 5 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      And who are the Three Little Pigs this time around? The Democrats, the Republicans, and the President. Sadly, they are not in the mess with us, for they have made themselves above it all...on purpose. And The Fourth Little Pig represents the only people who can decide which way we go forward: "A kind, friendly, non-judgemental ,[Independent] little pig [who has the good sense to] become quite confused and scared at times."

    • cherylone profile image

      Cheryl Simonds 5 years ago from Connecticut

      Nice parody of the three little pigs, I especially liked the ending. Great job. I love this one.

    • Curiad profile image

      Mark G Weller 5 years ago from Lake Charles, LA.

      Very interesting way to share the lessons and the current societal situation!

    • pagesvoice profile image

      Dennis L. Page 5 years ago from New York/Pennsylvania border

      "Yes" I got the parable and I thought you did an eloquent job in relaying your message.

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 5 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      I was trying to construct a parody of how the two parties and a few others in America have been spending the country's inheritance/will ultimately have to raise taxes/are keeping jobs hard to come by/living beyond our means/and are gambling wildly on finding a quick solution which is merely hastening future disaster. Meanwhile the "huffers and puffers" Super PACs and spin doctors spew out their vitriole. If anyone reads it that way, I succeded, otherwise it's just another grown-up pig tale that didn't get "We, we, US..." all the way home.

    • profile image

      Ghaelach 5 years ago

      Hi Perspycacious.

      A nice turn on the childhood story of "The three little pigs"

      A few adults that I know should read this hub then sit down and think about what the story is indicating.

      LOL Ghaelach

    • eHealer profile image

      Deborah 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      great story and you are so creative and thought provoking. Voted up and awesome. You just get better and better.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Just say "no,is good advice sometimes."

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 5 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      "Up....amazine"" and "thought provoking" converts to something I am sure, for I understood the comments and received the satisfaction you have offered. Score-wise it was lost in translation, but appreciated.

    • pagesvoice profile image

      Dennis L. Page 5 years ago from New York/Pennsylvania border

      Voted up and interesting. The title of this story caught my eye, as I thought, "What is this all about?" You have written a great parable and it was a joy to read.

      I immediately thought about all of those who grew up during the Great now deceased parents, as well. Many grew up with hand me down clothes, cardboard in the bottom of their shoes and little food. When WW II happened, those who didn't serve in the military were subjected to all types of rations. The end result for the "Greatest Generation" is how they appreciated the little things they attained in life, which ultimately, where great strides at success.

      Then along came the Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and who knows what else...but because of many not realizing or having any knowledge of sacrifice in life, they automatically felt that no matter what, they need to own a computer, IPhone, IPad, 47" HDTV with surround sound, gas guzzling vehicles, exotic vacations and McMansions with a variable interest rate they are ill equipped to afford. In today's world I'm afraid many are like the 3 brothers whose idea of sacrifice might be having basic cable TV instead of HBO, Showtime and all of the other premium channels.

      Okay...I'm off my soapbox...and again, thank you for a thought provoking article.

    • profile image

      Janhorner 5 years ago

      Absolutely amazing! This is surely a story that could educate the young generation on how 'not to waste what good fortune they have.' Brilliant.


      Voted up!