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A Poem for the "The Fourth Of July"

Updated on November 26, 2012

Enjoy a Fourth of July Parade...Courtesy of Mr. Manly Poetry Man

A frozen Orange Popsicle melts…all down my hand…

As I stand by the curb watching the parade…led by a school band.

The flag comes to a stop in front of us….carried by the color guard in uniform…

I try to find a color guard that wears the uniform…like my Dad had worn.

My Dad bends down to talk to me...and my lil’ brother, Davy…

And says, “That man there…is wearing the uniform of the United States Navy!”

After that…a float or two, some veterans, and a “whacked-out” clown go by…

Some throw hard candy to us…I reach out…and grab them from the sky.

As some decorated cars go by waving…I look and see our City Mayor…

Lucky guy…He’s sitting next to our famous local baseball player.

More and more floats pass by…along this parade route…

I see everyone having a good time…that’s what this day is all about.

The morning sun rays turn into scalding summer heat…

And suddenly…It’s not so great to be on this concrete.

Mom hands my brother and I a couple of coins…to go spend at the concession stand,

We leave the curb behind…to go order some snacks…as fast as we can.

I get a hot dog and a soda pop…my brother wants a funnel cake or fries…

The concession booth looks like “5-Star” Restaurant…when seen through kid's eyes.

Back to the parade crowd with both hands full of food…

I think to myself…we need more days like this…This is really good!

Fourth of July…a traditional holiday…though one that was never a break from school…

To look back in my memories…this is one since when I was a kid…was always cool.

Now in older days…I only travel out to see a firework show…

Parades are too crowded…and for the younger kids…You know?

But the day holds deeper meaning for me…since it did way back then.

I have learned the cost of this holiday…it weighs on my heart, my friend.

I see the ones that went before us…and all they had to endure…

I know how great this land is….from Sea to Shining Shore.

I want to know that we’ll always celebrate Independence throughout our land…

I want to know that our flag will always be paraded…led out by a school band.

That families will come from all over town …and from out in the countryside…

To celebrate the United States of America and what she stands for…Nationwide.

I want to know that my grandkids can stand on that same curb…on that same street…

And enjoy the same celebration…as I did…on that same spot…on the hot concrete.

That they can grow up in a great place to live…and enjoy being a kid…

And look around at this holiday festivities…and enjoy them as I did.

So if you love this country….and if you think its’ great…

Then get out on this Fourth of July…and help me celebrate.

After all…We’re a good Country…despite all our faults…this much is true…

On this day…let us forever celebrate the U.S.A.…and the Red, White, and Blue!

Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved "A Poem for the Fourth of July"


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