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Imagining love

Updated on November 29, 2014

Across the infinity my insatiate soul wanders,

for a image limned in its conscience.

Like a vulnerable individual daring to look into the face of risk,

My desires floating in my being,

With a promise ,that,

Never shall the buoyancy of commitment perish.

Future is an unexplored vision

Still if it reflects,

what was not incident

My soul will remain in the Limbo

Failing to be baptized.

Intangible Hope parches the heart

Yet troubles like insolation

should be looked upon with integrity.


For the beat the palpatting heart pines,

In the blissful heart the conscious of being dies.

Imagination centers at the tied knot in the soul

Till the universe dissolves,

melody rhymes for the only hymn.

Bruised bleeding fingers

Playing on the taut wires

composition completes loneliness.

Into the other's eye resides the 'me'.

Enflamed like the yellow in the sun's core

Are the ignited desires ,and perceptible hopes.

Needless,diving into the deep blue,

Or gliding across the blue

Pearl resides in the "Pure Red".

© 2014 Pallavi Bharati


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