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The Freedom Force

Updated on January 29, 2015

The Freedom Force Vs. the Terminator

Chapter 1

By: Delmar Sabio


This is a work of fan fiction and not for sale.

In the year 2032 a Terminator known as a T-800 traveled back through time to the year 2015. The cyborg is a machine with hair and living skin tissue covering a metal exoskeleton.

The cyborg is a T-800 series and its mission is to kill a woman and her child.

The Freedom Force does not know much about the civilian mother and child. Just that the mothers name is Sarah Ann Conner and the boy's name is John Conner.

The Freedom Force hes yet to learn their importance, just that the T-800 has been going through the phone directory asking for them by name.

One other strange fact is the T-800 is a spitting Image of one of Rambo's team members Dutch. The Freedom Force has not acquired the information bearing the resemblance between Dutch and the T-800.

The Freedom Force mission Starts today in the present, on this day in the year 2015.

Rambo was in the middle of his daily routine at the Fort Indian town gap when an old friend John McClain came to visit.

It has been a few years since John James Rambo seen his civilian friend and after all these years Seeing the ever trouble making LT. John McClain of the NYPD police force was quite a surprise.

John Rambo had no love for the police force after the Sheriff Teasel incident back in 1983, but he knew he could trust John McClain they were men of the same code of honor.

Both Rambo and McClain were both willing to die to make a difference. They both believed in doing the right thing for their country, justice shall prevail.

John McClain walked up to Rambo and extended his right hand. Rambo looked down and glanced at McClain's friendly hand gesture and excepted.

Rambo cracked a smile, extended his hand gripping McClain’s hand,

Welcome to Fort Indian-town Gap old friend, what What do I owe the pleasure?

John McClain chuckled with an attitude and gave short smile with a reply,

Ha, ha!


Rambo your the only old man I see.”

Rambo looked at McClain with a straight face and said,

I may be old McClain, but no one cares. It don't make a difference when your expendable as long as you get the job done!”

McClain smiled again and said,

Yeah, old pal your right no cares about us cowboys!”

Rambo placed his hands alongside his hips,

so what can I do for you buddy?”

Well Rambo, I want to join the team!”

John McClain said.

John Rambo thought about it for a quick moment and said,

“What makes you want to join freedom force?”

John McClain lit a cigarette and took a drag. McClain smiled and said,

“I think I got what it takes to make a difference

plus I don't have anything else in my life, but my badge.

My kids don't even talk to me!

I though I could make Freedom Force my family.”

Rambo knew just where John McClain's head was at. It was the same reason Rambo excepted a restatement in the armed forces. The military was his only family his only reason for living. Simply existing was not enough. Making a difference in the world now that was living.

Rambo's belief is live for nothing or die for something. To die making a difference that was true honor that is a true warriors code. A code he excepted many years ago when he was young and was drafted into Nam.

“I will put in a good word in for you.

The question is will Murdock except you?

After all you're quite the troublemaker!”

McClain laughed once again and said,

I know I have an attitude problem, but its the other way around Trouble finds me.

I just can't steer clear of it!”

Rambo smiled and said,

You have a point McClain, we could never stay out of trouble, neither one of us.

We are doomed to get into trouble.

Trouble starts and we finish it!”

Rambo tells McClain to wait and he will say something to General Murdock.

After about thirty minuets Rambo returns and informs McClain that Murdock excepted McClain's request.

"McClain, I spoke with Murdock, he accepted your proposal.

He wants Col. Trautman and I to start your training.

We are going to meet outside at 1200 hours."

McClain looked at Rambo and said,

"That is great, but were in the middle of a snowstorm!"

Rambo looked at McClain and said,

"It is okay, a little snow never hurt anyone!"

McClain just laughed and said,

"Yeah, that is what my ex-wife used to say!"

Rambo just smiled and said,

"smart woman,

I would like to meet Holly McClain someday."

While Rambo and McClain were training in the cold winter snow, trouble was brewing in the west the first of many Terminators had passed though time and the hunt for Sarah an John Conner had begun.

On the dirty, filthy, crime infested streets of L.A. An electric sphere with a naked cyborg that appeared to look like a naked man in his early thirties with a muscular build developed between two trucks.

The electric sphere cut through the cold steel of the Riggs like a hot knife through butter. The terminator turned his head to the right and then to the left. The killing machine from the year 2032 checked his surroundings with great precision. The terminator was equipped with technology far beyond anything we were capable of and soon the massive technology of this machine would be released in our time on our people. In a world of machines mankind the creators of the machine were now opposite. Science created its own extinction and the countdown has begun.

At 0600 hours the next day Rambo was ordered to assemble the Freedom Force for a briefing. Murdock informed The Freedom Force that the T-800 was spotted in L.A. California and that The Freedom Force was scheduled to depart at 1200 hours to begin their mission that was code named Seek 'N Destroy.

General Murdock stood tall and said to the team,

Gentlemen you have until 1200 hours to get your weapons and gear prepared.

I wish you the best of luck on your mission and I want to thank you on behalf of your country.

Together as a team you will be successful there is no job to tough for the United States Armed Forces and the Freedom Force is elite!”

Rambo looked around at his team members and shared his thoughts,

General, I am psyched and ready to go!

I am sure my team is equally exited about their mission!”

John McClain said to Rambo,

"I don't know about this mission."

Rambo wondered why and replied,


McClain said,

"It just don't feel right!

Trouble finds me, I don't go looking for trouble.

It is not my way, I think you understand!"

Dutch interfered and said,

"Nonsense you should always be ready for a fight!"

McClain shot Dutch a look and said,

"Hey, pal I am not backing down!

I just don't feel right about this one.

Its not my style!"

Dutch replied,

"Style, since when did you discover a séance of style?"

McClain laughed and said to Dutch,

"Ha, yeah....

That is Fucking hilarious.

Your quite the comedian.


Dutch smiled and said,

"I'm glad I made your day!"

Col. Trautman stepped in and said,

"Enough men we are a team.

Start acting as one!"

Both men saluted Col. Trautman and said,

"Sir, yes sir!"

And then the Freedom Force left the briefing room and prepared for their mission.


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