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The Freedom of Love

Updated on February 25, 2012
Unconditional Love from Linux29 Source:
Unconditional Love from Linux29 Source:
Unconditional Love from Beatrycze Source:
Unconditional Love from Beatrycze Source:
Freedom from Mernetti Source:
Freedom from Mernetti Source:

The Freedom of Love

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Loves sweet embrace,

as delicate as a velvet petal

unfurled in the warmth of the morning sun,

imbues the beauty of freedom.

For within love there cannot be capture,

no chains of imprisonment can secure love,

nor alter its pure nature.

When love finds you,

connecting souls and opening hearts,

freedom is all that can be,

flight the will and gift of sharing,

in the surrender to selfless life.

Any love that claims the will of one over another,

is not love in any form.

Without freedom love falls to the lesser intent of ego,

life without change and stifling enlivened hearts.

Love given is unattached, unconditional,

expressed unencumbered without the intent of none but itself.

Love is often confused with need,

the pursuit of human desire and purpose,

the selfish dreams of status and circumstance.

Yet love exist in no such ideals,

its purity and meaning found only by the selfless,

to give for its own sake,

and the beauty of the gift of life.


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