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The Frogs Are Sitting Alike - Like The Humans Of Course

Updated on April 28, 2012

Frog Sitting Down

Sitting Frog

This frog exhausted himself out and sat down after a long day of jumping. Or is that a Republican in true from after being thrown out of the White House by America's tax payers? I think it might be the latter.

This frog was not harmed in any way, shape or form. It was not nailed down, glued, or taped down and you can clearly see how real this video is because the amphibian's throat is moving. I wonder if frogs breathe in oxygen? I will have to ask a zoologist or amphibian expert for the answer.

Don't show this video to Koreans because their tongues will begin drooling over the legs of this frog, extra long, good source of iron and magnesium, maybe, I'm just randomly guessing, and yep, our crazy Korean cousins eat those things because they taste like chicken. I don't know how frog legs are prepared but to each person, their own nutrition to sustain their hunger. If you offer me frog legs I will proudly pass the dish onward!

The next time you see a frog seated like a human, you are not in a fairy tale, you are in the real world. The next frog video I want to see is a talking frog getting a leg, I mean, back massage.


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