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The Frozen and the Flame (Poetry)

Updated on July 31, 2016
Titen-Sxull profile image

Titen-Sxull writes articles on topics such as religion and skepticism - original poetry and short-stories - and film/tv/book/game reviews.

The Frozen and the Flame

I had forgotten how the silence between
Awakens the voice hiding beneath
Breeding betrayal of the secrets that held me captive
To shine new light into a life I never lived

Bright canvas stained with darkness
Colors the use of which I cannot change
Take back the chaos to spread the message
But forget about the missing links in the chain

I'll turn these disparate thoughts into constellations
Any semblance of a pattern I can discern
Restart this cynical heart and reboot imagination
Take both cacophony and quiet into consideration

In that hollow place between empathy and anger
Abject hate and the love I never shared
In that empty space between the nebula and stellar graveyard
I rebuild myself, I remember waking

Dark cosmos stained with starlight
Swaths of shimmering fire lighting up
Take the creation and make him wander
Forget about every skipped heartbeat

I'll resurrect these sunken ruins brick by brick
Any remnant of civilization I can repair
Spark this fire and light up the dark
Take both the frozen and the flame

I remember waking, into the madness of it all
And slowly cascading, down the darkest road
Above me danced the chaos of a thousand other suns
But I put them back together, I made that puzzle up

The emptiness remains, but I build meaning anyway
Spark this fire, combine the frozen and the flame
I remember, all the silence in between
The nebula and stellar graveyard, every skipped heartbeat

Ephemeral (Bonus Poem)

Deepening twilight spins a web
A climactic sphere of atmospheric resplendence
Ephemeral phantoms twist their tongues
To coerce their way inside my lungs

Beset on all sides by a world of monsters
I'm doing my best to just blend in
I find my face the most convincing mask of all
Though the smile is only transient

Waking to the sound of the silent Cosmos
And the crackling white noise in my head
Deafened by the crashing waves of anxiety
And waiting for my eternity of death

And all the while electricity mounting
With each sunset and scorching summer heat
A breeze that brings no relief with it
A fire that once only smoldered beneath

Ashen concrete ruins now filled with marching feet
We'd breathe life into love if conflict wasn't so sweet
That rush of adrenaline that disagreement brings
The absolute release we feel when we hate

I'm surrounded by ghosts while becoming one myself
Fast heading for the West repeating meaningless drivel
A robot programmed by instinct dreaming of being more
A network of behavioral fuck ups with a heart of gold

Shadows passing each other just before noon
Or buried beneath a cloudy night sky without a moon
Mind clogged by cyclical madness and plagued by habit
Unable to shatter the chains built during youth

Hard truths left unexplored and ruins buried
Covered over by all the dirt I could relocate
Bones of potential once promising no longer protruding
Underneath the debris of dead dreams I suffocate

The half-obscured sun paints the world new
Scattered sunlight screaming through pink clouds
The summer sun begins it's ride across the sky
And our shadows are reborn like new

When all is done the ghosts return to their slumber
They pour from our mouths into forgotten realms
But their children come to haunt the night time
Until they too are conquered by high noon

Author's Note

Both of these poems attempt to touch upon similar themes about the meaning of life and the fleeting nature of life. The first is more about finding meaningful patterns in life, putting two and two together even when things don't appear to add up. Human beings have a tendency to fill in the blanks as best we can.

The second poem is more about death and getting through life. We believe we are important but we are nothing but a "world of monsters" and shadows waiting to be extinguished before the next generation rises to take our place. The poem is about the fleeting nature of life, as transient, ephemeral, here one moment and gone the next.


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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 18 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Wonderful poetic expression of the meaning of life and death in both of these, Titen- Sxull,