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The Fruitful Giving

Updated on October 31, 2013
Les filtres de la perception from Marine Lupercale
Les filtres de la perception from Marine Lupercale
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Catharsis from Evan Mallon
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Scent of Arrogance from Fethi Karaduman
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Darkness and Light from Randy J.

The Fruitful Giving

BY Tony DeLorger © 2013

Relentless I, but not in pursuit,

simply the giving of a soul,

taught to express my minute to minute catharsis,

words my weapon, my placate-r, my reason,

and in them what is me,

alone and singular in perception,

born to impart without encumbrance,

without the self of willful ploy.

I bleed in hope, suffocate in guilt,

my heart stilled by the avarice of human arrogance,

tearing at my soul the shame of misery,

and the loveless, narcissistic path of unaware sheep,

wandering the darkness, bleating,

and I, in desperation write words,

to abate my pain in this the shallows,

of human disillusion.

And still there is no rest, no change,

and I, winning a losing battle,

for my own heart, my own sanity,

and at least I tried,

to give back what life endowed,

the truth in viewpoint from my eyes,

eyes that have seen the darkness and the light,

the joy and misery of struggle.

The fruitful giving is all I'll see,

if but one soul considers,

and can be better off for the reading,

then I shall die with a smile,

and amid the mayhem of earthly life,

affirm a life worth living,

no hero, no miracle of purpose,

just a soul who cared enough to try.

What we all see is individual; what we all share gives perspective.


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