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The Full Circle Of Life

Updated on March 25, 2015

We Come And We Go

Wouldn't ya know

Just when we started figuring things out

It was time to leave

I remember when I was young

I had nothing but time

My whole life ahead of me

Who knew how long that would be

If I was to guess at least fifty years in the future

So long away I can't even fathom

As each day sneaks in before I rise

Then hurries out before I see it go

All this time slipping through my fingers

Never once did I fear death or think it was near

I am healthy and have a good home life

The same job for years

Neither rich or famous

Struggling sometimes with minor problems that seemed so important

My father use to say

Living by the seat of my pants or running around like a chicken with his head cut off

Grabbing overtime by the fistfull

How nice it is

A little extra cash to carry me over

Don't forget we have to save up for that rainy day

Thinking from time to time

How is my 401k doing

watching it go up and suddenly drop

Not overly concerned

Hearing many times in my life

Don't worry your still young

You can't touch it till your 65

You're better off if you wait to 70

So living life as only I knew how

Working and making my contribution by paying taxes

So one day I can collect social security too

Each day was filled with enthusiasm and optimism

My part time job that was only temporary

Hung on for thirteen years

As I got older I began to slow down a little

I looked around and many of my close friends were also very busy with their own lives

Having larger families than my own

They were always doing things for their kids

All these years I have seen friends and family pass

You think about it for a week or two

Then back on track

What if this was my last line and the end was near

Closer than I thought

My final hurrah

Well all the bells charm to call me home

Would I have ended my life happy or wish I did things different

I can honestly say

If I knew then what I know now

I would of changed one thing

I would of wrote this then

Telling people to give your life some real deep thought

Love and happiness are only two words

They are better used and practiced all during your life

If I could wear them both out that's what I would spend my whole life trying to do

So as I sit here and type another line

Another friend has passed on

It could of just as easily been you or me

Don't you see

Leaving that behind

I had so much more free time


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