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A Fable of Middle Class Satire

Updated on August 27, 2015

The Geese & The Great Nation

Once upon a time there was a country that was blessed with huge flocks of loyal geese who laid golden eggs. The geese trusted the leaders of their homeland, and laid so many golden eggs, that the country became a great nation. The flocks were healthy and happy, and every man, woman, and child in the great nation benefited immensely from their harvests of golden eggs.

In fact, benefits were so vast that businesses flourished, and soon the great nation became a powerful great nation. Many people, including the leaders of the powerful great nation benefited more and more from the seemingly never ending advantages provided by the golden eggs. Many people became wealthy, most of the poor achieved improved lifestyles, and even the destitute embraced newly found hope for brighter futures.

Within a short time, the leaders of the powerful great nation declared that theirs had developed into the strongest & most powerful great nation!

Strongest, Most Powerful Great Nation?

Soon thereafter, the wealthiest businessmen convinced the leaders that they could now do without such large numbers of golden egg laying geese. The businessmen declared that the golden egg laying geese population was consuming valuable assets that should rightfully go to them!

So the leaders and businessmen cut resources and benefits to the golden egg laying geese, and their numbers soon began to diminish. Still, the remaining geese endured, and their loyalty never wavered. They continued trusting the leaders, and laying as many golden eggs as possible. They worked harder than ever, sacrificing health and stamina to provide golden eggs for their beloved strongest & most powerful great nation. And remarkably, the nations growth & strength persevered; or so it seemed..

While the leaders and businessmen were so engrossed with their power and success, they did not notice that the now scarce, and few remaining geese had become emaciated, and were laying only scant numbers of golden eggs.

In essence, the leaders had actually killed off the golden egg laying geese!

The Golden Egg Laying Geese are Betrayed!

You woud think they would have wanted to save the golden egg laying geese, if not for gratitude and loyalty, then surely due to their own greed for yet MORE golden eggs!

No! The leaders and rich businessmen had already taken complete control of the wealth. The entire nation, and all of the land was now their empire. They stole jobs from their citizens, and sent them to other nations! They allowed, even invited foreign workers to enter their country illegally, and gave them shelter, health care, and other benefits that had been stripped away from their own countrymen.

Yes! They had forsaken a nation that would no longer be the strongest & most powerful great nation, created solely by, and stolen from..

the geese who layed golden eggs.


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