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The Gift: Knowledge Of What Comes After death.

Updated on January 2, 2010


The Gift: Knowledge Of What Comes After Death! ©-MFB III  

Within the cooling of
ones pale blue flesh,  
where the lub-dub,
lub-dub has fallen silent,
fluids are stilled as
muscles bind into rigor,
glazed eyes left agape
with wonder at the finish,
mouth left wide open from
sucking that last breath,
flesh now but a cocoon
of what was birthed,
then evolved within itself
through many seasons,
to this point in time,
this fated separation,
of mortal bound flesh,
to winged soul set free,
and thus it then emerges
from it's flesh tomb,
to hover over what
it's left behind,
flexing it's wings
as if it's sadly waving,
as it embarks upon
it's journey upward,
to meet the maker
of what it once was,
left now in spirit
more like unto God.

each day thousands
of souls ascend together,
as death completes
the cycle of their lives,
and this age old emergence
has been proven,
by tiny tots who die
and then come back,
to accurately tell
of how their surgeons,
used tools which they
describe with expert knowledge,
that children who are
three, or four can't know,
this has been
documented many times.

They've also in the past
used scales to measure,
the weight of dying men
before, and after
to find eight ounces
lifted at their passing,
and this occurred
in many numbered cases,
yet nothing could explain
the ounces vanished,
it was not gas,
or wastes, nor exhaled breath.

So much like the
butterflies we're granted,
existence here for all
our souls to grow,
we worm our way from wombs
that soon expel us,
into a place where
loving arms enfold,
cocooned in flesh
that gradually grows bigger,
our souls develop reason
till we're old,
then at a time when
we are far too weary,
to even crawl across
the plains of earth,
we curl up tightly
in fetal positions,
and as we die,
our souls find our rebirth.


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