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The Girl on the Bridge.

Updated on July 29, 2014

"PLEASE GOD HELP ME!" I screamed into the night.

I met Juliet online on the night of my eighteenth birthday. She sent me an email out of nowhere. I had never heard of her, but she was so beautiful... What's the worst thing that could happen...

I could feel every inch of the knife as I struggled to remove it from my leg, every drop of blood, as it formed a river down my chest.

We hit it off right away, she liked everything I liked, from music to pizza toppings... Someone else likes anchovies? Who knew?

I attempted to crawl to the door, if I could get outside... Maybe I could find help... Maybe I could escape... Maybe I could survive.

We started talking daily. The first thing I saw every morning was the last thing I saw every night, the new text message icon. She couldn't get enough of me. I drove her crazy. I was her Romeo, and she was my Juliet.

I stretched for the doorknob, grimacing as the open wounds touched the cold concrete floor. This was it, freedom was just outside. Just a few more inches.

We arranged to meet up at the bridge on Friday at midnight. My heart stopped. All week I stared at the clock, I must have changed my outfit seven times... on Monday.

I finally touched the doorknob when I heard footsteps coming from down the hall.

We had been talking all day. The night before I was too excited to sleep. I snuck out my window and rode my bike to the bridge. I was ten minutes early... It was very foggy.

Frozen in my indecision, half-tempted to open the door and try to escape, half-tempted to hide, I bled on the floor.

Finally I heard footsteps approaching. My eyes searched the fog for the origin of the noise, desperately hunting for the treasure I have lusted after for so long. She was just as beautiful as her pictures online, perhaps even more so.

The doorknob turned and I threw myself against the wall. I gripped for the gaps in between the bricks that formed the wall of my prison, and tried to lift myself up behind the door.

"Romeo?" She called out to me.
"Only if you're Juliet"
She smiled. Her dazzling smile lit up the night. She started toward me.

"Romeo?" the dark voice growled from outside the door, mocking me as it echoed through the room.
The door opened. I placed my bloody hand over my mouth, trying to quiet my breathing. I sensed the person walk in to the room. I heard their footsteps as they walked in, I could feel the heat as eyes scoured the room. I weighed the knife in my hand. I would not have the strength to defend myself, I silently placed it on the floor and slid to the ground.

We went for a walk, observing the moons reflection as it painted itself on the rippling river below. I picked her a flower and she blushed. Oh how my dreams had finally come true!
"So I'm just gonna guess that you're name isn't really Romeo?" she stated.
"No- I laughed- That would just be too perfect"
"Too perfect?" she asked
"Well yeah... So far tonight has been the best night of my life". She stopped and looked at me.
"Do you mean that?"
"Absolutely" I grinned. Her face darkened and she pulled me close and kissed me on the lips.

I waited for what seemed like hours before the person began to exit the room. My eyes stalked the shadow as it made its way across the gap under the door. I was about to sigh a breath of the sweetest relief I had ever known when the shadow paused. I heard the noise of clothes ruffling as the person sank to their knees. Suddenly I realized... I looked down at my bloody body, my stained clothing, and saw the trail of blood leading around the door. It was Hansel and Gretel and I had just lead the witch to my house.

She looked at me, my dream woman, and kissed me. She sent shivers down my spine. I expected to see stars, but I guess you can't believe everything they say about true love.
"I wanna take you somewhere, somewhere private" she whispered.
Maybe tonight was going to be more eventful that I thought.
"Okay" She took my hand and lead me off into the night.

She opened the door and I saw her in a different light. Gone was the beautiful girl from the bridge. Gone was the love, the innocence. Now before me stood a monster. Soulless eyes and a bloody dress. Clutching a large knife with bone-white knuckles. I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out. She jammed the knife into my chest, into my heart.

We walked up to a beautiful cabin in the woods, shrouded in the shadows of the nearby trees. Something about the house spoke to me, sending a shiver down my spine.
Juliet must have seen me shaking because she held my hand tighter and kissed me on the cheek.
She stood on her toes and leaned in close.
"Tonight will be a night that you'll remember for the rest of your life."

If only I knew how right she was.

© 2014 Ryan Smith


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    • Ryan Daniel Smith profile imageAUTHOR

      Ryan Smith 

      4 years ago

      Thank you very much!

    • carrie Lee Night profile image

      Carrie Lee Night 

      4 years ago from Northeast United States

      Wonderfully brilliant :) ! Even though this plot was predictable and used a thousand times over, you managed to make it fresh and exciting. I loved how you alternated the events. Great writing I really enjoyed it !

    • infinitejester profile image

      John Kinney 

      4 years ago

      Great story! Voted up and awesome.

    • profile image


      4 years ago



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