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The Girl who wanted to Be Mary (School yard fiction 3)

Updated on February 17, 2013
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The Girl who Wanted to be Mary (Fiction)

The class was producing a Christmas play. The children had been planning the play since the beginning of fourth term, and all the parents were coming along to watch. The children had been practicing carols to sing and teacher had designed a script about the first Christmas.

There was only one problem - all the girls wanted the part of Mary. The girl who got to play Mary would not get to sing or speak, and her costume would be a plain blue gown, but the character was very important. Mary was on the stage all the time. She and the boy playing Joseph got to sit right in the centre behind the cute little wooden manger one of the Fathers was making. The Shepherds, together with the Angels formed a half-circle around the back, and the Wise Men joined them after presenting their gifts to the straw filled cradle.

Jessica hung around the classroom trying to be very good and prove that she would be the best Mary ever. She finished all her book work and illustrated her assignments beautifully. She even emptied the bin and volunteered to put the chairs up at the end of the day. Jessica knew that Teacher was pleased and became sure that she would be chosen for the role of Mary.

When the parts were given out though, Jessica was very disappointed. She was given the part of an Angel. The Angels got to wear lovely white gowns, glitter covered cardboard wings and a loop of tinsel in their hair. However, the line of Angels was all alike and the individual children blended into the background.

Jessica tried not to cry, but she found herself beginning to resent the girl who had been given the part of Mary. Was it because Alicia was prettier, with long blonde hair and fair skin she wondered? Eventually, Jessica could no longer practice for glancing across at the girl who was playing Mary. A lump formed in her throat and she could not sing. Her face went stiff and she could not smile.

Teacher noticed and called Jessica aside: “What is the problem?” He asked. “Are you nervous?”

Jessica glanced around and decided that Teacher and she were far enough away for the other kids not to be able to hear. “I wanted to be Mary,” she whispered. ‘Why didn’t you pick me to be Mary?”

“Oh Jessica!” Teacher exclaimed. “I picked you to be an Angel because you can remember the words and sing so beautifully.”

“Really?” Jessica inquired doubtfully.

“Yes really,” Teacher said. “It’s not like you to think so negatively. “

“I’m sorry,” Jessica said. She went back to the line of Angels and took her place. Jessica still wanted to be Mary, but she knew that she was being helpful doing her part.

And do you know what? The concert night turned out to be great fun after all! Everyone said Jessica looked especially lovely in her sparkly angel costume, and there was a party with food prepared by all the parents afterwards. Teacher said the evening was such a sucess they would do another play the next year. It would be something based on the "Nutcracker" with lots of different parts for everyone and interesting toy costumes...

© Cecelia

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