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The Goddess of War- Poem by Rebecca Wood

Updated on January 23, 2012

This poem is laid out in a unique form to describe war as if in mythology. Mythology has been away for people to understand the courses of nature. Example, Chaos was the creator of living things. Who created war? Well, if I didn't know any better, this is what I would believe to understand war.

I am the fame

I am the shame

I am the red and the clear

I am the blood and the tear

I am the fear

Yes, I am near

I am the rage in the fight

I am the sorrow in the night

I am too much to bare

But I will always be there

I am the only choice when comes to defend

Mercy is not a possession I have to lend

I am a work of art

I even cause broken hearts

I will lay dorment and out of sight

Then I shall rise and block out the light

I come crashing down like the hammer of Thor

I am what they call the Goddess of War


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    • BeccaWood profile image

      BeccaWood 6 years ago from Southaven, MS

      Everyday is a battle for someone, is very true, Ama Tainted. Thank you for the comment.

    • AmaTainted profile image

      Amanda 6 years ago from Texas

      I love these lines, "I am the only choice when comes to defend", "Mercy is not a possession I have to lend" and they are so versatile as to where one can apply the function. Everyday is a battle for some. War is their breathe of life.