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The Good Earth By Pearl S. Buck - Will Hollywood Produce A New Movie?

Updated on November 19, 2014

Pearl S. Buck's A Pulitzer Prize Winning Author

Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Pearl S. Buck
Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Pearl S. Buck | Source

Pearl S. Buck's, 'The Good Earth

The Good Earth By Pearl S. Buck.
The Good Earth By Pearl S. Buck. | Source


The novel, tells the story of a underprivileged farmer who lives in a modest home with his old father during World War I.

In 2004, the book reemerged on the bestseller list when chosen by Oprah Winfrey for Oprah's Book Club. It is noted that the novel written by the insightful author helped prepare Americans in the 1930s to reflect on Chinese as allies in the war to come with Japan.

Coolie labourer circa 1900 in Zhenjiang, China

Coolie labourer circa 1900 in Zhenjiang, China
Coolie labourer circa 1900 in Zhenjiang, China | Source

Wang Lung The Modest Farmer

The story takes place on Wang Lung’s wedding day he is excited about becoming a husband. Even though his wife O-lan was not beautiful to look upon in his eyes, she was just the partner he needed to overcome the rise and fall of his fortunes and struggles in life. With his wife’s relentless help in which she grew up as a slave in the prosperous House of Hwang, learned how to skillful run a household and work the land.

As time moves on O-Lan and Wang Lung earn enough money to sustain their land and the land belonging to the House of Hwang which was slowly going down in ruins do to opium addiction, overspending, and careless borrowing.

Wang Lung’s wife O-Lan delivers three sons and three daughters; the first daughter was born mentally ill due to a season of famine in which the family struggled to make ends meet. In those times that ate the bark of trees and even the dirt of the land to keep from starving. O-Lan kills her second daughter at birth to try and spare the newborn the agony of poverty.

The Movie The Good Earth O-Lan Finds Jewels

Searching For A Better Life

The family migrated to the city in the south to find work and food. However times were hare in the city as well, O-Lan and the children resorted to begging wile Wang Lung pulls a rickshaw. In the midst of their trials which consisted of food riots, looting, and begging for a living, O-Lan finds jewels in stashed away inside a house.

Once Wang Lung discovers that his wife had stolen jewels Wang Lung uses the treasure to buy the House of Hwang’s land. He eventually gains enough money to send his first two sons to school and the third son he had him work the land. As Wang Lung’s fortune grows, he buys a concubine named Lotus. His wife O-Lan is hurt already feeling unloved and suffering from low self esteem due to Wang Lungs cruel remarks concerning her physical appearance she suffers the ultimate betrayal, when her husband takes two pearls, belonging to out of the stash she had obtained from the jewels she had found, to give as earrings to his new wife Lotus.

Eventually O-Lan dies after witnessing her first son marriage. Wang Lung mourns the death of his first wife. And as time moves on he realizes that in some ways being poor back in the days with his first wife O-Lan was more peaceful than being a wealthy man with many women.

The dispute over money between his first and second son troubled him. The greed of his uncle and his family weighed heavily on him so much so that he had to send his beautiful daughter away to be married in order to protect her from the harmful nature of his unruly nephew. Wang Lung's third son runs away due to disrespectful treatment and becomes a successful soldier.

At the end of the novel, Wang Lung overhears his sons planning to sell the land and he tries to stop them from doing so. Both of Wang Lungs sons say that they will not sell the land, but in the end they both smile cunningly at one another.

The story of the poor farmer in search of peace who seemed to worship his land and curse it in the same breath, never truly had a clear concept of harmony.

The Good Earth Trailer

Will There Be A Remake Of 'The Good Earth?"

So far,Hollywood has not made a comment surrounding a remake of, "The Good Earth," However, if Hollywood were to remake this movie, I'm sure it would be an Oscar contender, similar to Memoirs of a Geisha Oscar Contender in 2006

Oscars 2006

The Good Earth The Movie.

Should There Be A Remake Of The Movie 'The Good Earth?'

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