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Recruiting Witches with the Good and the Bad Witch Routine

Updated on August 26, 2012

The reality of witches?!

Most witches aren't as easy to identify as this one.
Most witches aren't as easy to identify as this one. | Source
Realizing their good and bad witch routine causes their plans to crash.
Realizing their good and bad witch routine causes their plans to crash. | Source

A Fugitive Drug Dealer

Billy K.was a drug dealer on the run with felony fugitive warrants from several states. Being a criminal fugitive doesn't open many doors for legitimate careers. This being the case, Billy continued to sell the drugs that got him into this predicament in the first place.

Business in the southern California city of San Diego was booming in the late 1970's, marijuana, hash, cocaine and other illegal drugs were flying out the door. Average daily sales were from $1500. - $2500. most days that Billy opened the doors for business, with 50% of the total being profit.

In just a few months time, he had connections to obtain almost anything illegal that someone may want. He also acquired a bad cocaine habit as he partook of this dangerous powder during most hours of the day and night. His daily personal habit just for cocaine grew quickly to a $500. a day habit, eating heavily into the profits.

Billy's rising to conduct another day's drug business:

When I rolled over in bed that morning, I turned far enough to lean over the night stand and do two huge lines of high grade coke just to inspire me to get out of bed. Wow, what a rush! Now I'm ready for a shower to knock off the haze from last nights partying.

While I showered, I thought about the early business deals that I had to take care of. I needed to obtain 3-5 lbs. of the top of the line sensimilia at app. $2000. a piece. I had to get a couple of ounces of cocaine for my habit and regular sales. Lastly, I needed $1400. for a pound of that killer red Lebanese hash that the guy across the street says he has an unlimited supply of.

That couple right across the street are kind of a strange pair, Alex and Bailey are their names if I remember correctly. They always leave me feeling a little spooky after every encounter, even though I could never put my finger quite on just what gives me that feeling.

Alex's girlfriend Bailey came over to bring us some brownies shortly after my girlfriend, Nette and I moved in. Don't ask me how or why, but within fifteen minutes, this girl Bailey gave Nette the impression that we had something romantic going on between us. She wasn't even my type and too old for me anyway. But after she left, I went through interrogation from Nette, over how I knew this woman, after never having laid eyes on her before. Oh well, on to more important matters, the business of the day.

Business that day was even better than I could have anticipated, acquiring everything that I needed to keep up with sales trends, while turning $3800. in gross sales for the day. I even managed to get that pound of hash from Alex late that night for some next day deals.Now I could settle down for some partying after most of the business for the day was done.

I snorted two huge lines of high grade powder and poured myself a double 151 Bacardi and coke just to maintain balance. I ate a gram of the hash to conteract all the coke I was doing and fired up a fat blunt of Orange County's finest green bud.

It was getting kind of late for any more customers, so I stepped out the side door to enjoy the cool night air. Man, this is sure some potent weed I thought as I refilled my lungs to capacity again.

Just what in the hell are all those people going into Alex and Bailey's house for at after two in the morning? It couldn't be for regular dope deals or they would leave rather quickly. That and 2am is rather late for a dinner party. Finally curiosity or paranoia got the best of me, and I decided to go have a look to investigate further.

I took that fat joint to smoke on my walk, so that I looked like a normal character out for a late night stroll. I went to the end of the block, cut down the alley and snuck back up behind their house. I didn't want to be seen, as it might hurt our business relationship.

I crept up to the back corner of their living room where there was dim lights showing from inside. I had just peeked into the window to see 6-8 adults dancing naked around a pentagram drawn on the floor with candles burning on all the points of it. A rush of terror went through my body at the realization of what I was witnessing, some sort of weird Satanic ritual.

Just as I was still recovering from the shock of this, Bailey suddenly turned to glare at just where I was peering in the window, almost like she knew I was there. I quickly pulled back, yet heard hushed yet urgent voices inside, I shot out of there like a bolt of lightning.

I ran like my life depended upon it, jumping fences with ability brought on by fear and adrenaline. I went two blocks up, just to make sure that I wasn't being followed, before circling back to come up behind my house, so as not to be seen.

By the time I got home, I was totally out of breath and nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. I slammed another 151 and coke and sat down with a second one to contemplate what I had just witnessed. I don't think she had enough time or light to recognize me, at least I hoped that was the case. I slammed my new drink and went to bed, trying to get some sleep, yet my dreams were troubled by demons chasing me.

I woke up to sounds like a cat crying and moaning, only to find Nette sitting in the closet making surreal sounds and hitting herself in the head with high heel shoes. I tried to reason with her, by talking gently to her, all to no avail. Finally, I pulled her out of the closet and set her down on the couch next to me. She hadn't said a word for an hour or so, just staring vacantly off into space, not even ackowledging anything I'd said so far. Not a sound since the cat sounds from the closet, not a peep!

I walked out to the curb to get my morning paper, there were Satanic symbols on every square of sidewalk in front of only my house. Oh shit, this doesn't look good! I went back in to pour a good stiff 151 n coke, when the phone rang. It was my buddy Don, he's my friend who introduced me to most of my big connections for obtaing drugs.

I mean, guys that could make all kinds of chemicals like LSD, crank, and other things. Mexican drug kings with twenty bails of different grades of weed in their basements, with unlimited supplies of cocaine or heroin available.

Don called to see if I would be ready for a large cocaine buy later that day. I told him that I really couldn't concentrate on sales with what was going on with Nette at the moment. I was talking in the kitchen, so hopefully she couldn't hear me still sitting on the couch staring into space.

"What do you mean, what's going on with Nette?" Don asked with obvious concern.

"Man, I don't know for sure. She's acting like she's possessed by a demon or something. I was just wondering if I should take her to a priest for an excorcism or something." The words hadn't gotten out of my mouth good, when this hideous moaning erupted from Nette, sending chills rushing through my body.

"Noooo, Nooo pleeeeasse, not that!" Nette screamed as if being subjected to torture.

Having heard this scary cry from the other end of the phone, Don says, "Just keep an eye on her, I'll be right over!"

Don got there quicker than a Dominoe's pizza, that was back when they guaranteed delivery in thirty minutes or less, or it was free.

After relating the whole story to Don of all that had transpired, he just looks at me and calmly says not to worry that him and Barb, his girlfriend would take care of it. He had seen the Satanic symbols out on my sidewalk and assured me that I had riled up a Satanic witches coven across the street.

"Don't take Nette to a priest, as that might make matters worse. It'll take us a couple days to prepare to for countering this attack. But we can handle it!" Don assured me.

"Don, what do you mean that you and Barb can handle an attack by a Satanic witches coven, like how?"

"Well Bill, Barb and I are white witches, and have been for some time. We are good witches unlike the evil ones across the street. We'll have to prepare to do battle with the bad ones coming against you and Nette. Somehow she is more susceptible to their curses than you are, that's why it appears that she's possessed. When the time comes, you will have to take part in the spells to conteract and combat their spells or curses, for ours to be effective."

"But don't worry, most of the people we deal with are involved in one form of witchcraft or another. Alot of them like you, as you're a real good businessman, turning alot of their drugs, making them lots of money. In fact, I was told to give you this: " he hands me a little slip of paper, like a fortune cookie slip. On one side, it has a bright yellow smiley face with the words; F.O.U. loves you! On the reverse side, it reads 7yr. party!

"What the hell is this, a fortune cookie misprint?"

"No, it's an invitation to a big party they are throwing, that supposed to last as long as you want it to, with whatever you want supplied for free. You are invited! Though, I can't say when this party will take place."

"Don, I'm a fugitive from the law, and don't know how long I'll be around, or where I'll go next, so you may as well keep this. Besides, with Nette being this tormented, I might leave alot sooner."

"Nah, don't worry about Nette, we'll take care or her. Besides, it doesn't matter if you leave. These people will always be able to find you! Here give Nette a couple of these blues to calm her down in the mean time. I'll see you later tonight, we have a coke deal to make happen. Someone big wants to meet you, so I'll see you later!"

"Yeah, I suppose." I said with very little enthusiasm. I thought alot about all that was going on with evil witches attacking us openly, Don's admission that most of our business partners were involved in witchcraft, and his trying to draw me into this practice.

A couple days later, I went to jail for a small amount of coke. Guys came to rob my house while I was in jail. They put a shotgun to Nette's head to find where all the drugs and money were stashed and loaded all my furniture and belongings into a U-haul just to make sure they didn't miss anything. When I returned home, I found absolutely everything gone, as if I had moved. I feel to my knees and cried, not knowing what had happened to Nette, with nowhere to turn for help as a fugitive drug dealer being attacked by Satanists.

I decided that it was time to leave this all behind me, to just escape from all the insanity of the drug business and occult. I searched for Nette and found that she left with the robbers voluntarily. I finally found her later back in the Midwest, but she was never the same after those attacks from witches.

After losing everything I owned in the robbery, I left southern Cal. soon after, and ended up in jail in Florida, for you guessed it, drug charges. I heard a jailhouse preacher, repented and got saved after inviting Jesus Christ into my heart.

While reading about the people of the earth not repenting of their sorceries in Revelation; the preacher explained that this term translated in English to sorceries is the Greek term Pharmakia which means the mixing and administering of potions or drug abuse.

My mind raced back in time to San Diego, where I remembered all the drug deals, Satanic witches and "good" witches, and a little ticket inviting me to the 7yr, party. Chills went up my spine, as I realized that these supposedly good witches had probably invited me to the 7 yrs. of tribulation when Satan's anti-christ runs the world.

I couldn't get into my wallet fast enough to locate my invite and flush that smiley face down the toilet. I realized then, that they were running the old good and bad cop routine on me, just from a witches perspective. They both get their powers from the same source, just one is pretending to be your friend to get you involved with them; to take part in the spells, to fight off the evil attacks.

Luckily, I went to jail and threw in the towel before getting involved with witchcraft, thank God for that. Of course, Jesus could still forgive me for all these things and set me free, but my path to freedom was difficult enough without any more of the occult.

Is Satan real? You bet he is. Should we fear him? No, not as Christians, we have protection by the blood of Jesus Christ. But he is real, and witches have a certain amount of Satanic power to do all kinds of evil things, and they do hurt people in the real world, trapping them through evil desires in things such as drug abuse, witchcraft, and other occult practices. Praise God, Jesus Christ came to set the captives free!

Hope you enjoyed this addition to the story of Billy, feel free to comment, whether you agree or not.


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    • slcockerham profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Hey Will, Thanks again for your comments and encouragements! You are right that Satan seeks to get his claws further into us, but God makes a way of escape.

    • Stephen Ulibarri profile image

      Stephen Seth Ulibarri 

      6 years ago from Albuquerque

      Yes, very true. If you ask me, personally I think we all have the power to change our lives if we're unhappy with them, and don't need to resort to "magic" to change it. We already have the magic, and the divine connection with God! Why not use that power directly, rather than use magical spells and rituals that are going around the true source of power for a shortcut when the action simply makes the goal harder!

    • WillStarr profile image


      6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Wow! What a story! Satan is very real, and constantly trying to find a way.

      Up and awesome.

    • slcockerham profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Hey Stephen, Thanks for your comments on this subject. Many people who are used for evil don't acknowledge Satan, but manipulate others to their own ends, leading them to bad destinations under the guise of good.

    • Stephen Ulibarri profile image

      Stephen Seth Ulibarri 

      6 years ago from Albuquerque

      I'm not a witch, and I do believe in evil or mischievous entities, but I don't necessarily think all of them are evil, nor do I think they all get their powers from Satan. Satanists say they don't believe in a god or devil yet they practice witchcraft, so how reliable can that be? They worship an archetype. But there are gifted people with natural psychic powers, and I don't think they are necessarily evil either. If someone wishes to do good with their powers, I don't consider it evil.

    • slcockerham profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Hey Becky, Thanks for your comments and oh so right you are darling. Just like the good and bad cop routine, but the cops know they work for the same power. The witches don't always know. All secret societies have their secrets. Thanks again for your comments.

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 

      6 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      My husband studied witchcraft and people don't believe that white witches are evil. My daughter has a friend that is wiccan and I keep telling her but she doesn't believe it. A witch is a witch and 'the Satanic Bible' says that they all get their power from Satan. How much more proof do they need?


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