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The Goose and the Gander

Updated on April 3, 2012

Geese In Flight!

One Birdie said to the other:

I just heard a flock of geese flying overhead, making their yearly journey,

I heard in my mind, what their conversations might have said!

It might have gone like this:

Harry said to the goose Mary, come on girl your rhythm has slowed a bit!

Dig in and flap those wings harder before you cause all of us to quit!

She answers with much stress in her quack,

I am very tired and there's a pain in my back!

He answers, Oh come on Mary, you told me before we began the journey, that you could do it. Now get hold of yourself and think positive thoughts.

Picture us landing in a forest of green acres, and a beautiful lake where we can gather out flocks!

Don't despair now!.................................... we are over a field of cows!

Just hang in there............... Susan and Tom are also feeling the strain, and Judy and Mike are feeling the same!

You know we have to do this every year, so think of something beautiful that you hold dear!

And you know God always gives us the strength to travel this long and arduos journey every year,

For some reason he believed, that our life would be more interesting, it seems to appear.

Hush Harry! You are just making excuses about why we are here!

Ten Thousand feet up in the sky!

And flapping you mouth faster than your wings can fly!

Harry says......... Tom, how do you feel about it?

How can I feel he says, everything is numb!

My feet feel like they fell off over the last lake, and my wings have pain in the elbow, all the way to my flumb!

Okay Tom........ I hoped you would say something encouraging!

Like............. You are right Harry, God loves us so much that he sends us on a vacation twice a year, just to get away from the winter months and to enjoy nesting by the pond for the baby chicks to appear!

Tom answers again...............I think I would like to do something different this year, if you don't mind!

How about going to Disney World this time, where our friends the Pigeons we will find?

We could join right in and eat free!

And that way we would all be happy!

Mike answers........... Tom, you are always looking for the easy way out!

Now flap your wings a little harder, so we can make the hour count!

Sundown is on the horizon and we need to reach our destination, or we will still be traveling when we should be on our vacation!

A moment or so of silence and Susan said,

Look Tom, the cows are on their way to the barn, it must be milking time and time for them to be fed!

Yes Susan, Tom says.............. I know what you are thinking, but we must go on!

We need to keep flying till the sun light is gone!

This is what we do, and this is who we are! We are known as the geese, who travel near and far!

We choose one mate to last a life time, we were not meant to dance, nor were we made to climb!

We just fly for hours and hours, with our mate at our side!

And the rest following behind!

When one gets tired another leads,

Everyone who has the stamina, takes the front position and does his or her deed.

Judy says to Susan and Mary, I don't know about you girls, but I could use a drink of water on a pond without a view!

Iv'e seen so many things below, that I'm tired and weary, and wished it were true!

Let's find a place to land near a pond in a field, thats what we'll do!.

Mary says to all the male geese,

Hey guys, we gals have just decided,

We are landing over there in the park and Six Flags is right beside it!!!!

Quak, Quak, Quak!

Now don't get you feathers in an uproar!

You can cool yourselves in the pond and we girls will go next more!!!!!!!!

Quack, Quack, Quack.................................



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