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The Gorey House-My literature

Updated on May 15, 2011

On a dark, dark, Halloween night long ago the moon, a slim crescent, lit the whole sky. The unwelcoming manor drew me into its’ tall brown door.  It had slanted roofs and cracked rectangular windows that barely let any light in. The sturdy Iron Gate that closed it off from the real world groaned as it opened. That night I didn’t know what had gone through my mind, but my instincts had told me to go in.

          As the house welcomed me in, creaky floorboards made ghostly noises. Cobwebs draped from floor to ceiling beckoned me to come in. Rats scurried along the floors making high-pitched noises as they passed. Glass shards from picture frames covered the dusty ground like a thick layer of pudding. In the middle of the room stood an ancient, spiraling staircase. I stared up, but the stairs kept swirling and swirling forever.

I took the one step that might have cost me my life. The piercing sound echoed through the entire house. My limbs were grouchy and sore, leaving me no other choice than to stop. My mind had recklessly wandered off to a completely different world. My legs had brought me to a room filled with racks and racks of clothes. The bright colors of the clothes blinded my exhausted eyes. In the dead center of the room, a mirror stood, all alone. The borders of the mirror shined in the moonlight. I had never seen anything like it. The very odd shape left me curious. Just as I had finished that thought, I felt like something grabbing me, and pull me closer and closer to the mirror. I remember frantically looking around. I had tried to run away, but the force that kept pulling me in didn’t want to let me go. First my head went into the mirror, then my feet. My mind had gone blank, but I remember a bloodcurdling scream coming from somewhere. Then everything vanished.

This is my writing....please comment


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    • kiwigal profile image


      7 years ago from New Zealand.

      What a fun hub, great stuff.


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