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The Graffiti Wars - The Beginning

Updated on May 10, 2012

The Beginning

It is the year 2050. Socialist politicians have taken guns off the street through somewhat questionable legislation. Radical environmentalist have made it illegal to make spray paint or sell the ingredients that make spray paint. A certain sect of these environmentalists call themselves "The Chosen." They have been flooding the black market with spray paint ingredients with explosive elements mixed in them. This has led to dangerous underground spray paint labs. The Chosen's solution to aerosal in the atmosphere and what they consider vandalism on the street is death to the graffiti artist. The most famous graffiti artist in the city of Chicago is Baldble. He and his crew consider graffiti artwork. He is in the process of trying out new ingredients still available to make a new form of spray paint when a minor explosion changes his body's molecular structure. The result is he can now jump into any tag and become part of that tag as if it were a live environment. This is very useful when on the run from The Chosen who still have access to guns and are willing to use them to get baldble and his kind dead. Baldble is now known on the streets as "He Gone" and has gained even more notoriety. This makes The Chosen furious and they want to make He Gone...Be Gone. Not all tags are safe to jump into but He Gone doesn't always have a choice if bullets are bouncing on the ground all around him. The cops along with He Gone and his crew must unite to take out The Chosen.


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