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The Great Book of Amber Merlin Cycle Report

Updated on October 17, 2014

The Logrus

The Merlin Cycle, a part of The Great Book of Amber, deals with murder, betrayal and friendship between the realms of Chaos and Amber. The story takes place in different dimensions known as the Courts of Chaos, Amber and Earth. The main characters are Merlin, Luke (also known as Rinaldo), Jurt and Ghost Wheel (Merlin’s creation). The characters end up becoming allies so that they can break free of the conflict between the two rival forces, the Pattern and the Logrus, who are battling for control of all dimensions.

Merlin is the protagonist in this story. Merlin is 30th in line to become King of Chaos, a role he does not wish to accept. The Logrus, however, will murder anyone to see that Merlin becomes King. Merlin seeks to balance the controlling power between the Pattern (the symbol and order) and Logrus (the symbol of chaos) without choosing sides. Jurt represents the antagonist and is Merlin’s half-brother. While Merlin remains neutral in the war, Jurt allies himself with the Logrus so that he can kill Merlin, thus moving up in the line of succession for becoming King of Chaos.

Attempted murder of Merlin turns to friendship when Luke, an unknown cousin of Merlin’s, finds out that he actually likes Merlin and harbors no resentment towards Merlin for the death of his father. Luke realizes that his father’s death was through no fault of Merlin’s. Merlin’s creation of Ghost Wheel, a machine whose original purpose was to find Merlin’s lost father, is another important event. Ghost Wheel can travel to different dimensions and transport people with him. Ghost Wheel eventually evolves, with Merlin’s help, to being less of a machine and more like a son to Merlin. Ghost Wheel develops wants and feelings similar to those of a human. The third main event in this story is Jurt’s dissension from the ranks of the Logrus and his decision to not pursue his quest for the throne of Chaos. Jurt becomes frightened of the Logrus’s abilities and powers and decides to cease his attempts to kill Merlin, thus joining him.

The major conflict of this epic story is the battles between the realms. Chaos is the domain of the Logrus. Amberites, the dwellers of Amber, created the Pattern to oppose the Logrus by creating additional realms such as Earth. The Amberites didn’t like being limited to only Amber and the Courts of Chaos. Resolution comes in the form of Merlin; his father was born of Amber and his mother of Chaos. Merlin feels connected to both places and refuses to swear loyalty to either.

Merlin’s decision to eventually to become King of Chaos is based on him wanting to equalize control between the Logrus and the Pattern. With the help of Luke, Jurt and Ghost Wheel, Merlin is able to rule without interference from the Logrus. I enjoyed this tale because of the underlying story of Merlin’s own battle for control of his life. This is best represented when Merlin declares that he will accept the throne, but do so on his own terms. With the help of enemies, now friends, balance between Chaos and Order has been restored.

The Pattern

The 10 books of the Chronicles of Amber

Nine Princes in Amber

The Guns of Avalon

Sign of the Unicorn

The Hand of Oberon

The Courts of Chaos

Trumps of Doom

Blood of Amber

Sign of Chaos

Knight of Shadows

Prince of Chaos

Main Characters from Amber

Dworkin Barimen


Benedict Dara


Eric (black & red),

Corwin (silver & black)


Deirdre (silver & black)

Fiona (green, lavender, purple)

Bleys (red & orange)

Brand (green)

Rinaldo or Luke

Llewella (green, lavender, gray)

Caine (black & green)

Julian (white & black)

Gérard (blue & gray)

Florimel (green & gray)

Random (orange, red, brown)


Mirelle (red & yellow)

Delwin (brown & black) and Sand (pale tan & dark brown)

Dalt (black & green)


Lord Rein


Droppa MaPantz

Minor Characters

Bloody Bill

Bloody Andy

Bloody Eddie

Vinta Bayle


The Courts of Chaos from Amber




Gramble Sawall

Jurt and Despil



King Swayvil


The Powers from Amber

The Pattern

The Logrus

Corwin's Pattern


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