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The Great Guru

Updated on October 19, 2012

The Acarya


The Great Guru

Giving good advice with all of his Love

Ready to assist all that is in need

Each day thinking thoughts of the God above

Always he does such a wonderful deed

This pure devotee soars high like a dove

Giving pure Love greatly he shines on all

Using his sweet soul he shines like a star

Ready to be there for All big or small

Using his mighty Mind he travels far

Giving good guidance he sees all as friends

Remembering victorious Visnu

Each day with devotion he sets the trends

Always he’s alert and sees what we do

This is the person that the Divine sends

Giving us generously He lives life

Utilizing His wisdom with great care

Ready to remove in this Life all strife

Using his heart to find Friends with no fear.

I wrote this poem because I know for many of us we need a guide/trainer to assist us in achieving our goal. In academic studies, martial arts, cooking, etc. there usually is always some one to guide us along. This particular poem is dedicated to that particular person whom I admire very much, by his practical example. It is that person who I really consider the True Mystic one who should be honored by all because of their love and compassion for a living entities.

I hope you all know someone like the person I have described in this poem. If you do, always remember to let them know how appreciated they are in your life.

Best wishes.


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