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The Greatest Prospector in the World by Ken Dunn Review

Updated on February 3, 2016


I was sent a free copy of The Greatest Prospector in the World by Ken Dunn in exchange only for my honest and unbiased review of The Greatest Prospector in the World by Ken Dunn.


The Greatest Prospector in the World by Ken Dunn

The Greatest Prospector in the World by Ken Dunn begins with Laura Dunagan, who was born in Alaska during the early 1900's. At the age of 14 Laura's father died while trapped under a mudslide while he was prospecting in a river nearby. Laura moved to Chicago to live with her rich Uncle Joe. Laura develops a hatred of of Joe because he made her leave her home at the river. She also dislikes him due to the fact that he left her family's prospecting business. However then Laura discover the Joe made his fortunate selling insurance and that he owned largest insurance company in Illinois. Laura discovers the entire new life that Joe if offering her when she finds his personal den while exploring the mansion. She learns that Joes utilizes the 6 gold prospecting rules for safety to prospect clients for his insurance company.

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Ken Dunn

Ken Dunn is a leadership training up and coming speaker and trainer. Ken Dunn hunger to learn took him through five different professional careers in a 25 year period. Ken Dunn began a career in the police as an 18 year old man. Ken Dunn's career in the police led him into undercover drug work,surveillance work, S.W.A.T., child abuse, frauds, assaults, weapons smuggling, murders, and homicides. Currently Ken Dunn speaks at direct sales, mortgage, insurance, and banking industries talks.Ken Dunn draws on his own experiences when speaks and trains around the globe. Ken Dunn currently has his home set up in Toronto, Canada, with his wife and children.





As I wrote up top: "I was sent a free copy of The Greatest Prospector in the World by Ken Dunn in exchange only for my honest and unbiased review of The Greatest Prospector in the World by Ken Dunn."

Now I have to say even though I chose to get this book because I was interested in learning about how to be successful at sales I was expecting the book to be rather boring. I am excited to tell you that this book was not boring at all. The book is fact based fiction, but it reads like a fiction book. I got so caught up in Laura's troubles and learning that I did not even realize that I was learning right next to her. I enjoyed hearing about how she slowly began to open up after she was moved from Alaska. I enjoyed the scene where she went to a Christmas part in a fancy dress with work boots. I felt for her when she was selling sewing machines and had never sewed before in her life. I liked how she was able to avoid telling anyone about her lack of experience without lying about a thing. I understood what she was going through when she blundered and accused a workmate of stealing her sale because she did not read the work policy book about how anyone could take a sale if an agent misses three calls.

Overall I found the book to be an interesting read that taught me about sales without ever making me feel like I was learning. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to increase their knowledge of sales without being bored to tears or stuck in a textbook.


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