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The Green Machine

Updated on June 17, 2014

The Green Machine

Everyone grew up with that one kid in the neighborhood that could do no wrong. Hey, maybe you were that kid, but I jest. That kid for us was Deven Brandt.

It was a normal Saturday morning. Morning cartoons had been watched, chores had been done (for the most part), and my allowance was burning a hole in my pocket.

Darren and I joined up outside to go to Turkey Hill Min Mart for some candy and to play the video game.As we approached Sunset Lane we could see Brian (I'm not sure what is name was anymore just that it started with a B). He was riding a Green Machine.

For those who are not familiar with the green machine, it is a low-riding four wheeled beast. It had peddles like a Big Wheel but you steered with two levers that were located between your legs. It also was rear wheel steering making it perfect for spin outs.

Brian had seen us watching and asked us if we wanted to take his birthday present for a spin. Of course we were going to take it for a spin. We would've been crazy not to. Everyone who was anybody wanted the Green Machine. It was awesome! After we were both done we went on our way.

After my allowance and I parted ways at Turkey Hill , Darren and I headed towards home. Coming down the hill that is Sunset towards Brook Lane we could see Brian sitting on the corner. The Green Machine was no where in sight. As we got closer we could see that he was crying.

So the story was, Deven had come by shortly after we left and wanted a ride. Brian was being nice and left him have a ride. Deven refused to get off the green machine and when Brain tried to pull Him off, he took off down the hill to his house.

We told Brian that we would get it back for him. So Darren and I hurried down the hill to Deven's house. Sure enough in the middle of Deven's front yard sat the stolen green machine.

It was at that point that we were frozen in our tracks. How could we just take it back. The thing was huge and Deven would see us for sure. When I think back I was about 10 and Darren was about 7. So we probably looked like we were up to no good. We decided to just do a snatch and run. We made it to the Green Machine when the front door opened.

"Get out of my yard!" yelled Deven's mom. In my fright I was only able to mutter an, "I'm sorry." Darren spoke up, "We just wanted to get Brian's green machine." She looked down at the green machine and back at us, "That's my son's, now get out of my yard before I call the cops!"

We ran the short distance to my house, turned, and watched as she came down into the yard and carried the green machine into her house. I told Darren that we had to tell Brian's mom. There just wasn't any other way.

I don't actually remember telling Brian's mom. But I remember leading her to the house. I was so excited. Deven's evilness had reached into the next block. Now a new parent was about to deal with the force that was Deven's mother.

There were no pleasentries when we got there, just a loud, "Get out of my yard!" "I believe your son took something that belongs to my son." "What?!" "His green machine. I want it back now." "I don't know what you're talking about." Darren yelled, "She's lying! She took it inside! I saw her!" "Get out of my yard before I call the cops." "Go ahead. I'll wait right here."

One of the benefits living in a small town where not much was going on is not waiting long for the cops. At this point Darren and I had gone across the street so I don't really know what was being said but it had gotten very heated on Mrs. Brandt's part. We watched as The cop and Brian, and Brian's mom got into the cop car. Brian told us quickly before he got in the car that they were getting the box and receipt as proof.

Darren and I went back to my front steps and sat and watched. The cop and Brian's mom returned with the box and receipt. The cop looked the green machine over, perhaps looking for a serial number. Mrs. Brandt had given up at this point and went back inside leaving the cop to load the green machine into the cop car. He then drove off with the green machine and Brian's mom.

This was just one of many run ins with Deven.


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