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The Green Stuff

Updated on February 10, 2019
Uru Ruchi profile image

Uruaka Uchechi, popularly known as 'Uru Ruchi. Is a creative writer, He has been in the business of writing for about four years.

'Love, the unique helper.'

Ben came back this morning without his usual smile. He went straight to his room fuming, the street must’ve rejected him or maybe the day was not bright as his face suggest. He put away his petty bag which he always hung as if it is his oracle. Today would have been a tug of war if not that there is a visitor around. Anita gorgeously walked in depicting a walking step of a noble woman with a great reputation to learn from her husband why he had to ignore their visitor that way, she came in and slammed the bed room door without care and spoke considerably in furry. ‘’Ben! Why on earth will you do this to me, my most honored visitor? Should I kill my self so that you will acknowledge me as your wife and your second?’’

She fumed, but couldn’t see the one she is talking to. Her eyes ransacked the whole room and returned void on the petty bag Ben had hung earlier. She moved slowly towards the bag more like a mouse that saw its prey. “Ben?” she bellowed and dropped the bag as if it was a ball of fire. A tiny voice emerged from the toilet almost on heard; she froze in fright thinking what to say next. She slowly walked towards the toilet door and whispered in a shaky voice_ ‘’tell me Ben it’s you...please.’’ The little voice came up again; now more audible_ ‘’yes, it’s me. I can’t come out again, now is my time to die. My foolishness since all this while had landed me in fat trouble…any moment from now, the owner of this house will come and claim it, and we will be left with nothing.’’

It seems strange to Anita, all she had dreamt of, is now crashing again. She wept for a while and remembered a question. ’’So, what do you want to do now?’’ she asked in a frosty voice. Ben cries could be heard behind the door; so emotionally, he replied in a confused voice. ’’Kill, kill my self, there is no need for me being alive, I mean, nobody needs me!’’ He undoubtedly resumes his emotional cries.

’’…hey, hey...hey! I love you, the only one I cherish. If you think no one still care for you, consider me…if you are the one that married me; let nothing keep us apart. Listen to me Ben, I got you…and if you still insist that you’ve lost every thing, what about the ’green stuff’ I’ve bore for you always? Ben our child is in me...and if you don’t want your kid to be fatherless; don’t kill yourself...I beg you, and Ben, that lady you walked pass at the parlour is my child hood friend, I’ve told her everything we’ve been through in this life...and she agreed to help with an instant deposit of 20,000000 U.S dollar in my account.’’

The door creaked, and Ben came out with tears. He rushed his wife and they were lost in the world of embrace after giving her a prolonged and thorough kissing.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Uru Ruchi


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    • Uru Ruchi profile imageAUTHOR

      Uru Ruchi 

      6 months ago from Lagos, Nigeria

      Dear reader, I hope you will find this article helpful in your marriage life and also entertaining. you can always reach out to me when ever, thank you.


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