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The rains - poetry

Updated on May 17, 2012

The Welcome Rain

Divinity has been in a state of anger for a while

Spewing heat and fire on the ground and mortals

Heat is everywhere, all the time, in all the pores

Exhaust of the nature’s kitchen been running at a high

Sudden Rains has come, rescue team in calamity

Concrete heat getting tamed, the fighting is on

Hope, the eternal sustenance, bounced back

A boxer lying on the floor till now has just got up

Birds seen playing with rain on the trees in the sky

Bodies and wings soaking drops of rain

Some start making love emanating love songs

Urchin racing hard, looks like will take off to sky

His hands points upwards in thanx

Magic fragrance of earth’s first kiss of rain has exploded

To get into all the senses and every soul

Cloths are hugging the lady on a cycle

Her body in a thin film of rain water

Bosom swells to meet the rain early

Rains, hungry for long, lashes fiercely

Interplay of lady and rain goes on and on

Rain waters caressing her all the parts

From top it flows down to her toes

A meandering brook or spring in the woods

They do not get tired rather increase the tempo

She forgets her being only conscious of her ecstasy and joy

Starts shouting overcoming the barriers and shackles

Rains gather final momentum after clouds bugle

Both reach a crescendo and things start to wane

The rains start packing up to come tomorrow again

The lady back to her world of drudgery in one-go

Starts feeling cold, wet, hungry and exhausted

Something flies from her being to the seventh cloud

The inner spirit drowning takes solace in the upwards sky

Fleeting romance with rain, hope rekindles

She stops, confused, do not know where to go

The legs start paddling despite the clouded mind

Overpowered by the animal called “The Grind”


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