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The Guardian of New Earth

Updated on March 2, 2014

After the final battle between good and evil, angels against demons, God against the Dark Lord, humankind’s judgement day has finally arrived. The heavens opened apart, bringing purifying light over the ruined earth. I remember that day clearly, when men rose up from the ashes of the earth, when men finally showed up from hiding. The light was unexplainable. It was blinding, yet there was so much warmth that we all felt in our skin. We saw the wounds of our fellow men heal up from the light. It was miraculous. It was beyond all belief. Then there were creatures of wings, wings with white feathers. They were the Angels of God. They looked human just like us with wings behind their backs. They wore white robes with golden outlines. Each and every single one of them carried a scroll and a sword. There were hundreds, thousands of them that flew up above our heads, in our skies, slowly hovering around us, watching over us.

An angel landed in the ground, his feet slowly landed, and then his wings retreated back into his back.

“I am Archangel Gabriel.” He started. “I have come to tell you, the children of God a message. As you all have known, there was a great battle between God and the Legion. God has prevailed. And now I am here to take you to the Promised Land, to the Kingdom of God.”

All of mankind cheered for joy. It has come, the day when the righteous are separated from the unrighteous, when light is separated from the dark. But there was no separation. All of mankind entered and saw the gates of heaven. The blinding light turned to a light appealing to the eyes and the gates of heaven opened.

I don’t know how long it had been when that day has dawned upon us men and women of Earth. It seemed to be an eternity now that we stayed here, in heaven, in the kingdom of God. We lived happily and righteously. We learned to become something more than what we were before. We became something more than being human.

After this long period of time, God has given me a quest. The quest is something to do with Earth, back in that lonely world, in that lonely universe. (We were alone after all. No aliens of sorts to be found, just rocks, empty planets.) He had told me to look at the world that we used to live in and to meet someone, someone important and see how he’s doing. It confused me why he chose me of all the people in Heaven. I was just a journalist in my previous life.(I still had a job as a journalist –slash-writer here in heaven.) He told me that there is a reason to everything and this reason was for me to interview the last man of Earth. His name was Terra.

As soon as I accepted the mission, God bid me well and reminded me that I would return by the third light. There was a warming light that consumed me. The light was immense and forced my eyes to close itself so that I would be protected from the brightness of it. And good enough, my eyes closed automatically. After a brief moment, the warmth faded and I could hear birds chirping. There were birds and animals in heaven, but it seems to be that Earth still had its shares of wildlife too. I opened my eyes and saw the vast green lands of Earth. There were trees, grass, and foliage everywhere. There were animals, same as before. They lived in tranquillity and peace, now that there were no humans to bother them. Now I thought that they might’ve hated me to be here.

I felt like a kid again. The feeling of exploration ran down my veins as I walk around this New Earth. There were fruits everywhere, edible fruits, like apples, oranges and more. I grabbed some of the fruits I’ve found and ate them along my expedition, my search for this Terra of Earth. The fruits tasted good, better than they were before. I guess a lot of things could be better when there are no humans around. The Earth felt healthy and alive than it was before. It was great.

I have no idea which country I am standing on. I cannot determine because there were no more signs of human infrastructure, no signs of anything from the world before. I thought that God just dropped me in the middle of nowhere, hoping that Terra would find me. God might’ve forgotten how big the Earth actually is. But God has his own plans and it always goes according to plan.

I saw a man from the horizon, he was half naked. He wore some kind of grass skirt. he had a beard and his hair was curly and all the way up to his shoulders. He stood and shouted something to the animals. Words I cannot understand. He noticed me and I waved to him to let him know I was here. He ran to me in a good speed. I stood in my position and waited for him to arrive. Once he reached my position I noticed him better. He had a beard and his hair was curly and all the way up to his shoulders. He took a deep breath and said, “Greetings brother. It’s been a long time since I had company down here. All I had for company were the animals of the Earth. It seems to me that you were from the Kingdom? Judging from your robes. Sent by God, perhaps?” He smiled and offered me his hand. I shook it. I didn’t notice my robes until he told me.

“You must be Terra?” I asked.

“Yes. I am Terra. My name used to Bert, but God said that it was inappropriate for my mission. So he changed it to Terra. It’s Latin for Earth.” He replied with a smile. “So what brought you here, brother?”

“God said that I should come here and meet you. Well, that was all he said.” I told him. I replied back with a smile.

“Interesting. Well, let’s get to know each other shall we? Let’s head out to Paradise, first.”

He walked north, or to what I presumed to be north. The sun started to set when we reached this ‘Paradise’ that he told me. There seemed to be a lake in the middle of the green foliage, a mountain in the other side of the lake. There were trees, an orchard of apples, and fruits of all sorts.

“Eat anything you want. No serpent to tempt you here.” He told me. I responded with a laugh.

We sat near the lake. I ate my third apple and I felt full. I wanted to eat more of the fruit but I told myself that I would save some for later. Gluttony was one of the most deadly sins, after all.

“So, why are you the only one here? Or are you the only one?” I asked.

“I guess I am. I haven’t seen a human for thousands of years now, ever since God let us in his Kingdom.” He replied. He stared into the lake. He threw a rock, the rock hit the water and left a ripple from side to side.

“Why didn’t you stay? What happened?”

“I told him what I felt.” He paused. “I told him that I didn’t want to be saved, I told him that I didn’t deserve it.”

I was confused. Why on Earth didn’t he want to be saved? Everyone was allowed to enter God’s Kingdom. Including murderers, rapist, robbers and the like.(Gladly they repented and changed to better persons when they entered the Kingdom.) Why would he say such things? And why would God leave him here?

“I don’t understand. Why did he leave you here, then?” I asked, confused.

“I said that I wanted to be the one to save myself, when I said that I thought that I committed the first deadly sin, pride, and that God would strike me with lightning or something. But he smiled at me. He told me ‘My son, from now on, your name will be Terra, and you will be the guardian of New Earth, until my children are ready to live in this world again, you will be its keeper.’ I told him that I was not worthy and he responded ‘No children of mine is not worthy for the task I give him. Now, go forth and do as I bid you. You shall only eat the food I provide you and you must not be afraid of solitude, for I here with you.’ So I had done as what he bid me to do and stay and here and guarded this place for thousands of years. And let me tell you, in the days I stayed here, not a single day I felt alone or sad. He was always here with me. He told me that when the time is right, I will join him in his Kingdom and that I would be the one that saved me.” He smiled. I was silent and looked at him. There’s this man who decided to save himself, I thought. And some of us in Heaven would think that it was a crazy, stupid decision, but for God it was a decision of clarity.

The light started to fade and night approached us. It wasn’t dark at all. The sky was filled with stars and the moonlight was everlasting. Different animals gathered around us when he called them in such a mysterious language. We lay down in the grass and closed our eyes and slept. Prayers have always came in our dreams. It was some sort of a repentance chamber. There’s your angel waiting for you in your dream. You tell your angel your prayers then there, you’re done. My prayers were mostly about guidance and knowledge to do my activities. Providence to do good and to be understanding to my neighbours. It was my prayer every dream. Of course, there were repentance for my sins (We still think that we sin.) and appreciation for what God has given me.

The next day we woke up at the same time. We walk around this “New Earth.” There were many things that I had discovered. The Earth was completely new. I gathered some fruits and plants as God had instructed me to. There were no more signs of human infrastructure. It was different from the Earth I had lived before.

“One day, humanity will be back here, living their lives. I wonder what would be the new world be like?”

I thought of the same thing in my head and recollected everything of the past.


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    • Darksage profile imageAUTHOR

      Khen Ramos 

      5 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you Mister Frank Atanacio! Means a lot coming from you :)

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      5 years ago from Shelton

      One day, humanity will be back here, living their lives. I wonder what would be the new world be like?” an end comment worth the freeze.. hey darksage I loved the entry voted awesome


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