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The Guardian Eclipse: Part 2 - What A Rookie

Updated on February 25, 2015

It might have been the way her skin glowed in the sun light that made Joshua’s heart race. The site of her made the blood vessels in his cheek dilate. He awkwardly shuffled next to her “So, Jennifer, what did you get on the Final Exam?”

She turned to Josh with a big smile on her face “I got a B thanks to your wonderful tutoring skills.”

Joshua blushed again. He had helped Jennifer with study for every one of her classes. “What did you score? Wait don’t tell me… you got a perfect score.” He laughed “I can’t help it, no matter how advanced the class, it all seems too easy!”

“I’m kind of jealous. I need some of your smarts.” They walked towards the parking lot slowly as the rest of the students of Melanor High School rushed past them. Joshua played with the strap of his bag “Are you doing anything tonight?” he asked in a forced casual tone. At this point they had reached Jennifer’s car and she was fumbling with her keys. “Well, remember Mickey from lab class?” “You mean the kid who has an alcohol dependency and poor hygiene?” Josh thought to himself. “No, don’t recall the fellow.” “Well, he asked me to go to the movies with him tonight so I told him yes. He seems kind of cute.”

Josh felt an intense heat on his face. “Great” he thought “If she is calling guys cute in front of me, I have definitely hit rock bottom friend zone.” He quickly recovered “That’s really good. Awesome sauce. Good stuff. Okay, well I’ll let you do your thing then. Have fun!” He swung around and started walking the opposite direction leaving Jennifer awkwardly waving goodbye.

He couldn’t help but feel crushed. Every day he wanted to just tell her how he really felt but always a force pushed him back. He felt so powerless.

His home was a short walk from his high school. When he reached his front porch steps he could already smell the stench of hard liquor. He opened the door and saw his dad on the couch fast asleep. He had picked up some old habits after he lost his job a month ago. Josh strolled to his room and locked the door. He sat on his bed and sighed. And then he saw something move from the corner of his eye.

He snapped his head towards the closet but there was nothing there.

Suddenly a sharp pain stabbed his head. He opened his mouth to scream but no voice could escape. He fell to his knees as tears rolled down from his face. A high screeching noise flooded his room. He lifted his hands to his ears to shield them from the noise and felt warm blood dripping from them. He tucked himself into fetal position as a thumping sound arose. The thumping of footsteps grew closer as his blurry vision focused on approaching. A pair of expensive looking leather shoes and hemmed pants.

The figure spoke but when he did it sounded from within Joshua’s head. “You are so weak. You are an embarrassment. If you are their only hope, then they don’t stand a chance. You are more human than anything else.” The figure took one step closer and Joshua could feel his presence. It was burning his skin. He felt every inch of his body on fire. Drool dripped from his mouth on to the floor as he mouthed the words “Please…stop”. The figure laughed then turned around and left.

The ringing faded away revealing Josh’s desperate panting. He closed his eyes and felt his body give out.

The next time he opened his eyes he was in the middle of the forest. He shot up and looked around, confused and puzzled. It was dark and the floor was damp. He attempted to stand but his body felt sore. “Looks like we’re going to have to move a little quicker than anticipated.” Said a voice from behind him. Josh jumped and raised his fist “Who’s there? I’m not kidding I will hurt you!” The person stepped closer “I mean you no harm. I am here to help. Besides, you couldn't hurt me if you tried.” The figure came close enough to the point where Josh can see him. He was a tall muscular figure with messy hair that reached his shoulders. He had what appeared to be a blind-fold wrapped around his eyes. There were no slits or openings for him to see through, yet he still walked confidently. “Who are you?” asked Joshua. “My name is Alec Thurn. But I believe the important question is ‘what am I?’ or ‘what are you?’”

Alec stepped onto a fallen log and crouched down and picked up a long twig. He stared intently and after a couple of seconds he blew onto the stick. The wood flopped over like a piece of rubber and stretched towards the floor. By the time it had reached the ground it splashed and had become water. Joshua fell backwards “What the hell is that?! How did you do that?”

Alec smiled “We are not humans Joshua. We are Guardians. . We are all forms of being. We are the universe. Formed with extreme amounts of strength and intelligence to protect the human race.” He stood up. His expression became stern and serious “But we are in a lot of danger. And we do not have a lot of time.”

Josh’s mouth had dropped “Wait, what? What danger?”

“There are not many of us left. And I’m afraid Dr. Vincent is planning on wiping us out. Then he plans on enslaving the humans. By then, no one will be able to stop him.”

Josh could not think clearly. His eyes transfixed on the man in front of him. “Um…Okay” he took a step back, turned around and started running as fast as he could in the opposite direction.

Alec sighed “Guess, we have to do this the hard way” He lifted his hands and the floor began to crack and crumble beneath Josh’s feet. Joshua jumped and stumbled but kept balance. He continued to run in through the forest as the dawn began to break.

Just as Josh started to see a road in the distance, Alec appeared right in front of him. Before Joshua could come to a stop, Alec pulled back his arm and punched him straight in the jaw. Josh took a wobbly step back and fell straight to the floor. Alec picked him up and threw him over his shoulder. “You’re going to need a lot of training.” Said Alec as he walked deeper into the dark forest.


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