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The Guide To Writing Good Poetry

Updated on January 7, 2013

Good Simple Poetry

Poetry writing has its starts and it's finish but most are better when they last for ever. poetry that starts where you cannot see it until its on paper or a piece of paper towel. poetry begins where ever the poet consider is its starting point. for most its in the heart,mind, soul or spirit.

poetry is the bottom line and the base line to today's music that you hear on your radio. A story, a proverb or just one line.

All I have for you are just six guides. I hope they will help you.

1: If you love to listen to music like I do then this is one way of staring to write your poetry, feel the music as it cuts through you touch the notes and let the sound wave carry your words.

2: Be spontaneous just write as if you are programmed to write and write like you are not aware of it.

3: Had a bad day? then write about it when you feel the words growing in side you grab a pen and paper and start writing. no paper, well if you have a pen or paper then write on any available space there is that has enough space to hold the amount of words you are getting ready to dish out.

4: Do it in a way you have not done it before, for example go to the beach and write on the sand in short line's you can start or end that poem with a name, I bet you some one on the beach that day will stumble up on your poem with that name or might know someone with the name you have written in that poem. leave a piece in your wallet to remind you of yourself or a loved one. write on the napkins at a restaurant after or during a meal and or give it to the waiter or waitress.

5: Saw someone or something you like then write a poem about it or them right there on the spot, at work or at home just find a comfort zone.

6: Let go of yourself otherwise your ego and say not who wrote the poem just leave it has it is when you are finish.

Excuse me my friends please be free and let me know if I have helped you in any case with your poetry. sorry if my hub those not look and feel grabbing I am not yet fully familiar with the hub tools I am still trying. please comment and give me feedback thank you.


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    • Shamir Jackson profile image

      Shamir Jackson 5 years ago from Daytona Beach, Fl USA

      Thank you very much howell I am happy you found this helpful.

      Not so sure about that poem below your comment my friend, though it might seem a bit salty.

      What I like About that poem so far, is the imagery it brings with it.

    • profile image

      howell 5 years ago

      yes this is most awsum guide to writing poemtry. please critiq my poets i post for you enjoyment.

      the sea wind it is

      salty on my nose taste

      the tip of my pen is inky

      milky vessel to ride the wave


      bye bye

    • Shamir Jackson profile image

      Shamir Jackson 5 years ago from Daytona Beach, Fl USA

      We are oxygen in a bubble.