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"The Halloween Nightmare of Becky Lynn Todd" The Conclusion"

Updated on August 18, 2013

"The Halloween Nightmare of Becky Lynn Todd" The Conclusions"

Becky 's night mare included her friends, but it did have a happy ending.
Becky 's night mare included her friends, but it did have a happy ending.
Don't let the vampires, ghost and Goblins catch in the woods alone.
Don't let the vampires, ghost and Goblins catch in the woods alone.

"The halloween Nightmare of Becky Lynn Todd" The Conclusion'

We have finally come to the end of this story, It is my hope that it was scary and exciting.

The door bell rang, it was the other kids all ready to go to the Halloween party, They all had monstrous costumes on, just like in Becky's dream, there wasn't a pretty face in sight. That thought alone, made her kind of uneasy. They all got together and heading toward the old BrimStone shack, deep into the Black Hollow woods.

Becky Lynn started having a foreboding feelings again, like someone was watching or following them but she could never see or hear anything. They saw the candle in the window of the old BrimStone shack as they approached the shack. They all admired the decorations and greeted everyone else in the shack.

They started playing the mystery games, card games, and eating Halloween treats. That they called goats eyes and pigs brain and the other gross Halloween treats that was undesirable to her palate. Becky finally took a deep breath and started relaxing a bit... and having some major fun, but all of a sudden, Becky could feel the hairs on her neck stand up, when she saw this ugly grotesque shadow in the window.

Becky screamed a blood curdling scream, everyone looked around, but there wasn'[t anything there. Becky was so afraid that she told everyone there's something out there. They all told her that it was only her imagination going wild, because of the Halloween party. Becky did calm down and she thought that maybe she was over reacting. She told them if anything else happens... she was going home.

It was getting late, about thirty minutes before midnight; which is suppose to be the witching hour. When all of a sudden, someone threw a bloody pig's head through the window of the Brimstone shack. Which caused everyone to run for cover. When someone knock over a candle and started a fire. Becky ran out the door behind the others that was already running and screaming and for their lives, it was a nightmare.

Becky Lynn thought about her nightmare and about lying to her parents. While running as fast as she could. She could only think about her parent's reaction to her lie. The BrimStone shack was all a blaze, burning like mad. They all were running so fast and hard that you could only hear a few words here and there.Then it got really quiet, Becky looked at her friend Mary Lou, who had changed into a blood thirsty vampire with large fangs. Everyone else had changed into the character of their costumes that they wore.

All of these changes made Becky run even faster, Becky looked down at her hands and they had withered and turn old, she felt her face and she had changed into that hideous old witch, she screamed. She couldn't believe this was happening to all of them. Becky knew that her parent would help her, if she could jus make it home. Becky got home and reach for the door knob and flung it open, and called out to her mother to help her, her mother said, Beck Lynn,Becky Lynn, wake up, you're having a nightmare.

She awaken and looked down at her hands and she felt her face and realized that she hadn't lied to her parent and that everything she was so terrified about, was only a nightmarish dream. She took a deep breath and exhaled.

Benny Faye Douglass


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    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 8 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Thank you, for you your interest, comment and feedback. creativeone59

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 8 years ago from London, UK

      Hello, creativeone59, you really had us on the go there. It was fun. Thanks.