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The Hamlet of St. Pauls

Updated on August 27, 2014

The Hamlet of St. Pauls

The Indian Summer breeze caresses my face with Lilliputian kisses

Butterflies hovering in kaleidoscope splendor and glory

Above me, Goose-berries with cumbersome yawning smiles

Custard apples as pink as a baby’s tonsils

Guavas and mangoes wearing too much perfume

Betraying where they live and hide

Only to be plucked to their sweet 'nectared' demise

There are rainbow fishes dancing to a salt water samba

Surrounded by trees bearing grapes dressed in purple royalty

There is Ezekiel Challenger, the farmer

Whose few luxuries include loving his wife and children

And giving a formal “shout-out” to Jesus on Sundays

Yet, for him that is enough

There is grandma prosecuting a fire

Three stones, pot of rice, pigeon peas with sea turtle

Grandma smiles up at me with a mouth now fallow

Teeth harvested because of age and eating too much sweets

And my taking refuge in the warmness of her crow’s feet

In the Hamlet of St. Pauls, on the island of St. Kitts

A boy tries to fathom how great a painter God/Jesus is

Painting without reference...


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    • kathryn1000 profile image

      kathryn1000 7 years ago from London

      Very full of feeling