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Volume 3 Deadlock intro

Updated on January 19, 2016
Volume 3 from Origins
Volume 3 from Origins | Source
The small ship used during the early adventures.
The small ship used during the early adventures. | Source
Kalien vessel
Kalien vessel | Source
End battle between the two captains
End battle between the two captains | Source

This is the opening to volume 3

So please enjoy the opening to a great adventure,


Hellfire Deadlock


The final days of the Darkness war

Captain’s log Earth date 22.03.354 BC. This war against the Darkness is coming to an end and I fear as the final battle approaches we may still fall at the last hurdle. The crew of the Hellfire are all tired of fighting, but then we all know we are fighting to save our own future and this war must end with the final defeat of this Darkness race. Even if none of us have ever even seen the enemy creatures we are fighting against, due to the fact that they stay hidden in the shadows and their ships. The Darkness have gathered all their ships, allies and weapons together for this final conflict and this battle will take place just outside of the Kaliens own solar system. Our fleet is in place, but I know the risk to their home world and this has made me realise that the time has come to send Starlight and her family to our own time for safety. I know this means I will have to say goodbye to my sweet Starlight and that I may not see her again. But then I know it has to be this way, Log end.

‘Captain to the bridge.’

I moved over to the wall tannoy system and answered the call saying,

‘I’m on my way.’

With this I left my quarters as I grabbed my long command coat from my bed, putting it on before I moved out into the corridor.

I quickly reached the ship’s bridge and moved into the busy room where I was met by my first officer.

He moved over to me handing me a tactical computer pad as he stated,

‘Captain, the fleet is in place and the Darkness forces will be here in under an hour. The Kalien Dreadnoughts have the experimental gateway ready and are waiting on your orders.’

‘Good, then let’s hope this works or there will be nothing left to fight with. Now my friend, what about Starlight’s family and have they arrived yet?’

‘Their ship will be here in under five minutes Captain.’

‘Does she know what I have planned?’

‘No but Chris, are you sure about this. I mean you know what will happen.’

‘I don’t have a choice, besides I would not change any of the time we have had together over the years, even if it means I will not see her again.’

I could see Andrew knew how much this was going to hurt me but then he knew I was right. But before he could reply Richards stated,

‘Captain, Starlight’s family’s ship has just touched down in hanger bay one.’

‘Thank you Richards, let Starlight know they are here and tell her I will meet her in bay one in five minutes.’

I turned to leave the bridge just as Andrew grabbed my arm. I turned back to see the worried look on his face as he said,

‘Chris, as your friend I need you to think about this. Can’t it wait until after the battle, then you could look at this without the stress of this war?’

‘It’s too risky and you know it has to be this way.’

Andrew let hold of my arm just as Miller informed me,

‘Captain, the Darkness fleet will be within firing range in thirty five minutes and our fleet is requesting our next move.’

‘Tell them to hold for now. If this plan is going to work then we need to wait right until the last minute before we act. Andrew, you have the bridge and I will be back soon.’

I turned and left the bridge as I heard my first officer take control of the ship. I had waited long enough and while I headed toward the ship’s main lift shaft I found Starlight waiting for the lift.

I walked up to her as she turned around to see me and a smile beamed on her soft pale blue face before her wings fluttered lightly and she said,

‘Chris, what are you doing here? I thought you would be on the bridge.’

I moved over to her and gave her a huge hug before I kissed her on the forehead and replied,

‘If you are going to spend some time with your family, then I wanted to say goodbye.’

Starlight stepped into the lift once the doors had opened and I followed hitting the button for the ship’s hanger level. The door slid closed and I stared at her for a moment trying hard to burn her image into my mind.

‘What’s wrong my love and why the sad face?’

I smiled at her as I replied softly,

‘Starlight you know this ship is not from this time and that once this war is over we will be going back.’

‘Yes, but why does that make you feel sad?’

‘Well your family are here because I am sending them ahead with you.’

‘But I thought we were just going somewhere safe.’

‘You are, there is no Darkness war in my time and your home world is safe. It’s just too risky for you to be here right now.’

The lift car stopped and we both stepped out into the corridor before we continued to make our way to the hanger bay.

‘I will see you again, after this battle right?’

She held my hand as she stopped in the middle of the corridor. But before I could answer Hudson interrupted saying,

‘Ah Captain, Starlight, the ship will be ready for the time jump in just five minutes. I just need to input the emitter codes and adjust the power levels so it will work. Then once this war is over we can get you two back together, when our ships meet back up with each other.’

‘Great work Hudson and set the date and time to this date.’

I handed him a small computer pad before he left as he thanked me. Starlight smiled at me again before she said,

‘Chris, I will be looking forwards to seeing you again. Stay safe.’

I held Starlight’s hands as I looked at her while wondering how to say my next words,

‘Starlight, when you are in my time there will be a day you will meet me again, but I will not know you.’

‘What do you mean? We have known each other for nearly my whole life.’

‘Look it is your future so I can only say this. You will meet me but before I have the Hellfire. I will need your help and you must promise me you will not tell me any of what is in my future.’

‘But why?’

‘Look it may change what time we have already had together. You will know it is me and your dad will not accept the young me as well as, well me.’

‘You are not making any sense. What do you mean?’

‘Do you remember when we met, just as this war was starting?’

‘Yes of course, but what does that have to do with this?’

‘Well I had met you before and that is how I knew you. You will understand what I am saying when it happens.’

‘But I met you when I was five, so of course you knew me.’

‘I haven’t lived that day yet. Look it is kind of weird but it will all make sense one day.’

‘So will I see you again like we are now?’

‘I don’t know, but it is possible.’

‘Chris I don’t like this, it feels wrong. What are you not telling me?’

‘Look I have so much I want to tell you but can’t. Just remember there will be a choice to make and it will be your decision. It must be your choice and your choice alone. I know you will make the right decision.

Now we must get you to safety.’

We moved through to the hanger bay and I could see Starlight’s mum waiting for her just outside of their small transport ship. We both moved over to her as her mum greeted us both with a friendly embrace, just as the tannoy announced,

‘Captain, the Darkness fleet has stepped up its speed and will be within firing range in just a few minutes.’

Starlight looked up at me with a desperate look as she said,

‘I will miss you so much.’

‘Me too, now go and be safe. I will see you again soon. Go while I finish this war once and for all.’

The ship jolted as the red alert sounded and I knew I needed to be back on the bridge. I kissed Starlight passionately once more before she left with her mother, and as the Kalien ship closed its doors before it began its take off. I quickly headed back to the bridge, just as the ship jolted again while the tannoy stated,

‘Captain to the bridge, we have a problem.’

I stepped onto the bridge to find the battle had started as I asked,

‘Is Starlight’s ship clear?’

‘Yes Captain and they have made the time jump.’

‘Great then what are we waiting for. Let’s begin the attack and give them Hell. All of it.’

Thanks for reading this hub and you can find all five adventures in the print book Hellfire Origins


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