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The Hidden Blueprint of our Lives.

Updated on March 2, 2016
Nadine May profile image

Born in Holland Nadine emigrated to South Africa taught art therapy and had a spiritual awakening that influenced her whole outlook on life.

Ingrid  Barendse the main character of The Awakening Clan is type  no: 5 the Observer
Ingrid Barendse the main character of The Awakening Clan is type no: 5 the Observer | Source

Do our lives follow a map?

That question made me think of the lined in our hands. Palm reading has been an age old skill and today we use the word:
When I first wrote this post I was thinking about the personality types I created for my novels, but now i should add the link to my article all about the human design. Its all to do with our wiring! Yes, we seem to follow a kind of chosen map. That is how I have written about my novel characters, so readers can relate to the behavior patterns and the perceptions they hold dear.

The Birth of my novels

On this video I was discussing why the ascension journey novels was written in a visionary predictive style, and how the ideas were instilled in me during the seventies. I created this interview into a You-tube movie, because little did I know that during the late seventies until the nineties my awakening became a journey of my own self discovery.

  1. Ingrid Barendse the main character of The Awakening Clan is type no: 5 the Observer. They are curious, analytical and insightful. Five types enjoy reading books, learning about a subject in depth and having stimulating discussions with friends. The personality of Ingrid is blending more with the type no: 4, the romantic.

The Virtual Laboratory

Through my studies of the nine types of the Enneagram I started to learn about myself and from what perspective I view the world around me. By understanding the other eight types of personality behavior patterns I started to recognize in my family and friends how they see the world and why they perceive life the way they do.

It was a bonus to have found such a dynamic formula to shape the nine main characters that would play a major role in my Ascension novels.

I was hoping that each of my readers would somehow relate to some of the members the Jaarsma Clan , written about in the article: What is a group soul?

Ingrid Barendse
Ingrid Barendse | Source
Ingrid Barendse
Ingrid Barendse | Source
A markerApeldoorn - the Netherland -
Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
get directions

Ingrid Barendse - her story

Ingrid Barenedse the Observer according to the personality type no 5 was my first main character. Her background goes as follows:

She had been looking for the right job for some time. Then eighteen months previously this position became available and her three grown-up children encouraged her to apply for it.

Her move to the outskirts of the town ‘Apeldoorn’, after her husband Jan’s death, had been very difficult. Leaving the harbor city of Rotterdam she had shared with him for 23 years closed a chapter in her life.

Ingrid, a youthful forty four year old brunette, had learned a lot about herself in the course of her twenty-four year marriage. Some friends had described their relationship as stormy. At least she’d become emotionally and mentally independent.

When Jan was gone, it was as if she had lost a soul mate that had been her best teacher, her best friend and just before he really got ill, her best lover. Those memories had blocked her for a new relationship.

She liked being on her own.

Apeldoorn train station
Apeldoorn train station | Source

Apeldoorn - Holland

After dropping her sister Quincy off at the Apeldoorn train station, she felt sad. Back at the busy platform the admiring glances they had received due to their elegance and magnetism, worked as a tonic for Quincy, but not for her. Thank goodness that the lively glint in her eyes had momentarily returned, which gave Ingrid an opportunity to observe herself through her own eyes. They still looked like they were sisters, despite the contrast in their hair color, build, and style of dress.

Quincy was about to apply for a divorce after she discovered that her husband had had an affair resulting in him having a child with someone else.

. “Ingrid, let me know how the classes are going and if you get more baffling information. It has been playing on my mind a lot.”

“I will, and good luck at home!” Quincy looked sad when she embraced her. Her sister had reminded her of a decoding workshop she had started to attend together with her friend Liesbeth Jaarsma.

Ingrid's Biography
Ingrid's Biography | Source

The decoding workshops

A damp and clammy Fluffball , her ginger cat came rubbing up against her legs, as if to say: “Where have you been? I have missed my supper.”

After preparing cat food, she checked for telephone messages. One was from Debbie, her youngest daughter, to say she would be coming home for the weekend. Ingrid still missed her three children. She hoped by now to have heard something from Jeroen, or Sascia for that matter. Her twins were very independent. They were both head strong, not like Debbie, who was the softie of the family.

Jeroen worked for the family’s steel construction firm during Jan’s illness. After Jan died, Jeroen went back to complete his studies in Eindhoven. He then suddenly took his last semester off and went backpacking! To ‘find himself’, as he called it. Ingrid realized that Jeroen had taken the role of the man in the house very seriously when he knew his father was very ill. She wondered if he would have chosen to follow in the family business. Jan’s dad, Dennis Barendse, who still ran the steel company, had been very glad about Jeroen’s decision to finish his studies.

Getting back into the social swing
Getting back into the social swing | Source

Getting back into the social swing of things.

Liesbeth encouraged her to start going out again so she joined her at editorial related functions. She didn’t really anticipate meeting anyone special. Nobody stimulated her and she hated idle chitchat.

Yes, she did miss Jan. The last few months before he had died had been difficult. He had lost the power of speech and he needed a lot of personal attention. She had taken time off work to be with him full-time in the last months when she practiced communicating with his higher self mentally, making up all kinds of conversations. It had helped to focus her mind. Creating an affinity on an intimate mental level had fulfilled a desire she had longed for.

Her pondering reminded her of Sascia’s earlier question over the phone:

“Mom... how do you know if the person you like very much is right for you as a partner?”

the chapters in Ingrid's Light worker journal

  1. Mental Telepathy
  2. The Body Codes of Light
  3. The sound and Color of Numbers
  4. Soul Connections
  5. The Keepers of the Evolution Game
  6. The Balance of the Two Polarities
  7. A Dream not Interpreted is a Letter not Read
  8. Its All in the Eye of the Observer
  9. The Nine Character Vibrations of the Individual Soul

Was she ready for a new relationship?

Would she have been able to release her needling discontent at not being able to share her emotions? Yes, a large part of her had experienced this discontent with Jan for years, but she also knew that their relationship could have well have ended up in a divorce, if his illness had never happened.

Now for the first time she felt totally released from the pain of Jan’s death, but was that because of a new man that had appeared in her life?

What did that mean? Was it just hormonal and was she going to fall for yet another attachment with someone who did not share her spiritual quest; not to mention her sudden telepathic ability?

Her life had suddenly taken on a whole new meaning when she joined Annelies’ decoding workshop. The people on the course all had the same intent, to prepare themselves on all levels: physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Cast of Characters
Cast of Characters | Source

Her Assignment

Annelies had asked her to write a journal about her own awakening. At first this was really difficult. She was much better at standing back and viewing life objectively. She was a very independent thinker and enjoyed her own company, but a part of her was drawn to be more creative and to get out more and get involved in humanistic subjects. Was Toon Haardens the person that would fulfill that need in her?

Could she be totally honest in writing her journal, and hand it over to the editor Liesbeth, who would then rewrite it into a novel for everyone to read?

It was Liesbeth’s boyfriend Hans who had said:

“Only those who are pure in heart and consciousness will survive this period of cosmic purification.”

She settled in her home office in front of her computer, with Fluffball on her lap. Her purring shifted her into a writing mode, and she started typing her own awakening; her own hidden blueprint of her Virtual life as Ingrid Barendse.


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    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 4 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Thank you Ailcia. It's an inspiring task to write the biographies of my main nine novel characters throughout my 'Awakening to our Ascension series'. I will soon publish the story of Richard de Jong, the student of Egyptology.

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Thank you for an interesting story, Nadine. I love the illustrations, too!

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 4 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Thank you Billy, coming from you does truly feel like a compliment. I always feel that I should do better.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Nadine, you are a very good writer. You tell a very good story and in the process deliver messages of self-growth. Very well done!