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The Hidden Treasure By PoemsandStories

Updated on June 16, 2014
The Hidden Treasure By PoemsandStories
The Hidden Treasure By PoemsandStories

The Hidden Treasure

  • The Hidden Treasure
  • That comes without Measure.
  • Buried inside of you,
  • Deep within hidden below the sin,

  • a Gift.... .

  • The guilt, the shame, the blame, and the rain,
  • but who's to blame?

  • The crying, the lieing, the hiding.
  • Trying to find the path, avoiding the math.
  • The world, the trials, the never ending denial.
  • The tribulations, the sorrows, trying to find a tommarrow.

Longing for the Light in a the darkness. ..

a Glimpse, of Hope.....

  • Untill we are humbled, tired of the trouble.
  • Breaking the hardness, the stony ground,
  • the harness....

  • Chipping away the dirt, the grime,
  • the time to find a place of rest.
  • In all the mess, of walls we built,
  • to hide the pain we claim.

Keep walking......

  • When the one, The Son, who sparks the light inside.
  • A hope, a destiny, a seed, a harvest of healing,
  • A plan, a mend, to heal all that is unreal.
  • Digging beneath the ground, that was so hard to break,
  • Digging down through the layers that we were bound.

Setting us free to be all that we could be....

Giving us rest through all the trials and tests and our destiny..

  • Building strength, honor, a firm ground,
  • Placed on a rock, a path, a foundation,
  • That was a mess and now we are found.
  • Completing the journey planned to bring us closer to the son.

Stronger .....

  • That lasts forever untill we have won.

Find that hidden treasure,


By Author PoemsandStories


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    • profile image

      Marisa Hamilton 3 years ago

      Do you have a melody?

    • profile image

      rgmg50 5 years ago

      Beautiful, and so true. Only the Son can find the treasures because we bury it sometimes deeper with all the garbage we throw on top.