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The High Price Of Comics

Updated on January 12, 2011

I've been a comic book reader for most of my 53 years of living, so I just have to say that the high cost of buying a comic book has just totally turned me off to the medium that I love so much.

But it's really more than just the cost of a single comic that has turned me off to comics over the past few years, it's also the way the comic book story is being presented now a days, and of course I'm going to explain all of this in the following paragraphs...

The Actual Price That You Pay

I grew up in the early sixties and seventies when a comic book generally was priced at under a buck. Now if you go to a local book store or a speciality comic shop, your head will spin when you see what a comic is going to cost you. The average comic book, without any frills other than the fact that it's a comic will cost you $2.99. Just under $3.00 a book. Now, if your buying a title that has a special cover, or is published with better card stock and a better grade of paper, then you are going to pay $3.99. You might just as well call the damn comic $4.00 and be done with it.

What Are You Getting For Your Dollars?

A fair question, and your not going to like my answer...not as much as you may think. From cover to cover, the average comic book gives you around 20 -22 actual pages to read of the main story...maybe. Sometimes these comics have a backup tale that for me is just taking up valuable pages. Could have used those extra pages to actually tell more of the main story which is why I bought the comic for in the first place. Never mind the content that some comics have been presenting over the past few months. The Hulk storyline, at first was very interesting and I really wanted to know just who the Red Hulk was. The problem for me wound up being that I felt they dragged that storyline out a tad too much, and brought too many cross story lines into the tale from other hulk titles, which I felt just added nothing to the real story of who was the red hulk. By the time, I finally found out, and mind you not through the purchase of one hulk comic I could have cared less about it. The same thing happened with DC Comics All Star Batman and Robin, which was delivering some decent comic storyline and great art. My problem was the price of $3.99 a comic, and then came the scheduling issues and missed deadlines. Totally turned me off. The series stopped with issue #10, and is supposedly going to be rebooted in 2011 under a different title to finish the rest of the series...again, I do not care.

Sorry Marvel and DC , but I just cannot justify nor afford to pay these prices any longer, and even if I could, I had made the conscious choice to just stop buying period. I long for the days when a comic game me everything that I craved...

  • A great story, but just one in the comic I'm buying.
  • Fantastic artwork, delivered all the time in each and every issue.
  • A price I can live with. Drop the prices folks and maybe, just maybe I can afford to come back to what I actually love to read.

So, I guess that the best thing for me to do is try to purchase compete trade editions, as they can give me the whole tale, but usually at a much more affordable price...but I should warn you that even these titles are getting to be a bit on the higher end of my purchasing spectrum

I just hope that the comic industry comes to it's senses before it suffers a fate that it does not deserve, an early death due to a lack of interest.


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