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The High of Adrenaline.

Updated on January 1, 2010


Like a

needle-less high,
or a pill free rush,
it courses

through frantic veins,
racing from

hearts to brains.

Muscles tense,

is magnified,
sensation peaks,
the world


pixel sharp.

Whether hair

stands up
on the back

of your neck
at a sudden

weird sound

in an alley,
or a cushion

of warm lips
sets your libido

in motion,
adrenaline is

the ultimate

natural high.

Gamblers are

hooked on it,
soldiers devour it
with each kill,
athletes excell to it,
and children dash

to and fro
in spastic patterns,
under it's influence.

It's God's buzz,
a quick pick me up
built right into

your goose-pimpled flesh.


It's cheap,

easily aquired

with little or no

harmful side effects

just try something

you never

dared do before

or take a minor

risk or two

before old age


your adrenaline

and exchanges it for

a  dreaded line

at the nursing home 

for the weekly

bingo cards.





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      poetlorraine 8 years ago

      adreline mmm nice