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The Hill Is Just A Few More Miles

Updated on September 23, 2016
Henry Bemis profile image

Writer who practices poetry behind the scenes. Usually contributing articles or short stories and some poems. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

The Hill Was Just A Few More Miles - A Poem

The hill was just a few more miles.

This is the tale of Herman Dyals

He walked among grains of glass,

He sucked water from sweat,

And made the skeletons laugh.

The hill was just a few more miles.

The sun roasted poor Herman Dyals.

His feet slunk in dry cement,

His arms the color of burnt peppermint.

He ate air and drank wind.

He often wondered if he’d see his wife again.

The hill was just a few more miles.

This is the intermission of the tale of Dyals.

It’s actually not worth going on,

The scenery never changes and the song plays on.

The hill is just a few more miles.

This concludes the tale of Herman Dyals.

There was no hill or anything beyond.

The delusions of a man gone mad.

Lost in a sea of sand.

© 2016 Adam Stier


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