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The Hollow Cost Of Hate.

Updated on November 30, 2009

The Hollow cost of hate ©-MFB III



132 mouths agape
dry black holes
in soundless screams
eye sockets glare
some empty or filled
with looks of WHY???
unseeing gazes of astonishment or
with a glutinous melting mass
beneath those melting eyes flesh shudders
arms and legs are now
just brittle toothpicks
tumbled and jumbled together
sticking out in all directions
in flesh and blue pickup sticks
splayed and arrayed
around genitals shrunken with fear
shaved heads gleaming in
the waning sunlight
flesh hanging in folds
over sunken bellies
tiny ones still sucking
a dessicated thumb for sustenance
breasts like empty sacs
could not feed their babies
from the hunger that rumbled
once beneath them
the stench of carbon monoxide
and feces floated between
the buzzing of the flies
feasting on this pile of famine
It was just four sun bleached
photos that a soldier shot
in Dachau in 1945......documented
and made real by his prescence there
I knew him well and he has
shown very few the horrors
he'd brought back
I counted babies crumpled
in rag doll fashion
and children sleeping under
an adult hood of dead flesh above them
some folks say the Holocaust was staged
not real... produced by
tricks and fake photos
but I've talked to a man who stood there
and shot four pictures and had to stop
to vomit and couldn't take any more
I've seen the hollow cost of hate
drip from the beaded saline
in his eyes and in 58 year old
kodak moments from hell
the price is ungodly
and hell is full of
Nazi's in jumbled piles
of agonized living,
burning flesh
choking forever on
fire, and brimstone gas
as they mimic forever
what they left behind
a legacy of hate
in the over six million lost
that formed the many piles
of a precious people


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    • Ivan the Terrible profile image

      Ivan the Terrible 8 years ago from Madrid

      Having come from a family that escaped Hitler, I can understand the horror of your writing. I weep for those lost and hope for those who escaped, whether Jews, or others in this world who have died at the hands of terrible, cruel rulers.