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The Holy Quest To Lord Amarnath

Updated on September 17, 2014

Millions of Devotees trek

Through the mountains daunting,

To have a glimpse of You,

Dwelling in a cavern by the mountain top.

The Spiritual Quest the Pilgrims take for five days,

Seem to them as hours five,

For they come to pay obeisance

At your Holy Shrine.

Naturally formed by water droplets freezing,

That fall from Your cave's ceiling,

You grow up vertically bigger and bigger

Until You are ethereal.

Here, You explained ,

The secret of Life

To Your Consort Divine.

Lord Shiva,the Stalagmite Lingam

Of Ice is Your Manifestation Divine.

Worshipers feel your omnipresence,

On revering You as Lord Amarnath.


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