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The Homicide Hustle by Ella Barrick - Review

Updated on October 24, 2014


Stacy Graysin, a ballroom pro in Washington, D.C., is anxious to participate in the traveling TV dance show, Ballroom with the B-Listers! She believes this will bring her dance studio free promotion and the prize money could help with her debt.

When one of the show's producers is murdered, Stacy's dream turns into a nightmare. She signs herself up as amateur detective and begins investigating a host of potential murderers. The complexity of the characters in the investigation, as well as the behind-the-scenes details of the TV show make this book an interesting read.


Although this is the third book in a series, you do not need to have read the first two books to follow what is happening in this novel. I enjoyed the first two books in the series as well as this one.

While Stacy's need to get involved in the murder investigation of one of the producers of Ballroom with the B-Listers is somewhat unrealistic, Ella Barrick does a great job of developing all of the characters who might have committed the murder, including Stacy's pro-partner, Zane Savage, her own teen idol! Other suspects include Zane's mother, owners of other dance studios, other pros who want to win the competition on the show, and many crew members.

Stacy's ballroom partner, Vitaly Voloshin, is really cute and makes the story even more interesting for Stacy and readers of this book. Ella Barrick writes a believable motive for the murder an makes this story maintain readers' interest though the end of the book. If you love the reality show on which this book is based, you will love Homicide Hustle!

My Rating

4 stars for The Homicide Hustle

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