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The Hook In The Story

Updated on October 13, 2015



To Read or Not

The hook has to do with the start of the story.

This is in the first sentence. This sentence will help the reader know if they want to continue reading the story.


I am sure you are thinking that the first sentence should not matter too much. If someone wanted to read the story they would just read it.


The person wants to read a story that interests them throughout the entire novel. They don't care about how long you slaved to write the novel.

But, it is only one sentence...

The first sentence should tell the reader what is going on when you first meet the character. If the character is boring, the reader will stop reading.

But, one page 249, the main character saves the world.

Sorry, the reader will never get that fair if the beginning is not interesting.

Why Should Readers Read?

The hook lets the reader know what type of story they are reading. It also tells the reader why they should read the story.

What is told to the reader gets the reader asking questions about the movement of the story. There should be no real answers given to the reader.

The reader should read the hook to understand important information about the book.

Example: Sleeping Beauty

In most cases the story starts with two royal people having no daughter. In one case, the king had one daughter.

Why should you read this story? Because, it is about royalty. Commoners might have wanted to learn about what was going on behind closed doors of the people that live in the castle.

It also tells a tale of someone with no children or only one daughter. This raises so many questions.

1. Why can't the queen have a boy child? Who will carry on the thrown?

2. Why are they only having one child? This comes at a time when people wanted to have more children because children died, so easily.

3. What will happen to the monarchy, if they don't have children?

An Emotion Should Be Targeted

Excitement is the emotion. Even if this is non-fiction story, there should be an emotion that starts out the story that has just been bought.

Say, you have just bought a novel that everyone says that you should read. You look at the cover. That does not matter to you. Your friend said that the book was awesome, you are going to try to read the book no matter what is on the cover.

So, you open the book and read the first sentence ... The first sentence is what will tell the reader if that what they heard from their friend about the book is true or not. Hopefully, the book will be something the reader wants to read.

Random books off the shelf.

All that has to be done is for you to read the first sentence of any book. Decide for yourself, if that sentence was interesting enough to keep reading.

What Happens?

Make sure to tell what is going on in the story. The background might even be placed in this part of the story.

A twist might be introduced to the original story. This story could have its own twist compare to other stories.

Also, this is the part of the story where something exciting might happen right away. You might catch a story already in progress.


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