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The Hot Days Ahead

Updated on July 13, 2015

Taking The Bad And Making It Better

I Am Here For A Pick Up

You called the other day

I came as soon as I could

This is my busy time of the year

So many people have problems and bad memories

I am here to gather all those unforgivable unpleasant thoughts

Yes the thoughts that keep you up late at night

The same ones that make your stomach turn

I am glad I brought my big truck today

I can see you have been saving these thoughts forever

Why ?

Because you have never heard of me

Well I am not big on advertising

I never did like those newspaper adds that blend in with the car for sale

Credit card repair

We our a small company called Mind On The Mend

Half self help and half dream builders

A cross between a gardener, gas station and a super market

We dig out the weeds in your life and give you some gas to get you where your going

With so many choices in life we give a few wise helpful hints

That have helped so many in the past

Food for thought

To keep you healthy in the future and on the road to speedy recovery

We help those people who are down on their luck

So frustrated with life they get mad at the drop of a hat

If you walk around like sad sack

Making other people unhappy just from being in the same room

Start every day complaining and end in tears

I am at the right place

Usually when I pull up

The first thing people do is go into the panic mode

They say go away

After they realize we are not here to take your money

They calm down a little

Then they go into this won't work

I am not here to argue or make false claims

How I can make your world great

I can however help

I am proud of my 90 percent success rate

There are always a few people that don't want to change

That's fine

There are so many other people who want to

We are not hurting for business

We don't advertise

Everything is done by word of mouth

I said you called it was not exactly true

A friend has to make the call for you

We only come from a recommendation from someone else

We don't want to waist your time or ours

It"s a messy job but someone has to do it

I brought three people with me today

A woman and a boy and girl

This is what we do

Each of us help you one at a time

We are experts in our field

We find all the clutter or excess baggage in your life

That is causing you all this stress

We look around and it might take awhile

We are in no hurry

Sometimes we dive into your past

Bring up your family or friends

Look around at your house and trigger old memories you have since forgotten

Ask about your health

Talk about childhood memories or just the other day

We are extensive and stop at nothing

Like a blood hound on a trail

When we uncover these memories

We dig them up at the roots

Pull on them hard

They usually don't come up without a fight

We use every tool known to man

To cut them loose

Hall them into our truck

Some of these memories way a ton

You have been carrying them around since you were ten

Bad habits and lots of old crutches

Drugs, alcohol and gambling compound the problem

Makimg it more difficult but not impossible

Sometimes food or work our the scapegoat

We are always surprised where those bad memories hide

Relationship and money problems are some of the most common

Even good healthy sex has been blamed

We will come back again if our truck gets full

I am happy to say we replaced new shocks and springs

The last ones were torn to shreds after all the heavy lifting

Our truck is almost full

Off to the dump we go

You we feel so much lighter and your headaches will disappear

I even seen a smile

That you haven't had in years

This is only half our job

Now we have to catalog everything we have found

Keeping good records is a must

If we have to return it makes our job easier

No job too big or small

Some of your problems smell

Worst than a bag of written onions on a summer day

It's time to go

We have done enough for one day

It is our recommendation

That you start treating yourself with respect and honesty

Forget what others do and think

Remember the good times

Work on making new great memories

They will help the old wounds heal

There is no need to call us

We will be back when the time is right

Until then enjoy life

By having fun with family and friends

You would be surprised

How wonderful your life will turn out

By doing good and living the life you always wanted

It's up to you now

Go and make yourself proud


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