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Famous Haunted Places--The Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego, CA

Updated on July 5, 2013
Hotel Del Coronado... a long time ago.
Hotel Del Coronado... a long time ago.
Lottie Bernard--The Lady in Black Lace Dress
Lottie Bernard--The Lady in Black Lace Dress

by Christine B.

Any hotel that has been in business for as long as the Hotel Del Coronado has been has got to be haunted. It has a long history and has been a temporary home to thousands of guests and employees in it’s over 150 years (built in 1888 and opened for business in 1891) of operation. The hotel actually sits on an island off the coast of San Diego, Coronado Island.

Some of the strange occurrences that have been reported are: odd noises, spirited breezes, strange faces and the ghostly figure of a young lady wearing a black lace dress. The name of one of the spirits is known as Kate Morgan, aka Lottie Bernard. Lottie signed the register and told the desk clerk that she would be awaiting the arrival of her husband. Three days later when her husband still had not shown up, the hotel inquired about the payment of the bill Lottie had accrued. That same day Lottie went to the mainland and purchased a gun.

The next morning Lottie’s lifeless body was found outside on the stairs and her gun was two steps above her. The death was recorded as a suicide. Many people have questioned this, however. A more detailed review of the evidence might suggest a murder. Is that the reason Lottie cannot rest in peace. We will probably never know for sure. Or, is Lottie still awaiting her husband’s arrival? Others have died at the hotel, so Lottie is very likely not alone in the
dimension she inhabits now. It’s a comforting thought, as she seemed so lonely while alive.


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      ajmal pora 7 years ago

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      koren marquez 7 years ago

      I am doing a summer project on Hotel del Coronado, and I have found this story to be very interesting. I also fid this hotel to be the most beeuitiful hotel I have ever seen. I found this hotel while driving by to drop my dad off at the navy base, you see he was going on deployment and we were going to see him off. My dad and step mom told a very short story of what had happened over yrs ago.People actually stay in the haunted room for a lot of money just so they can get a thrill.

      Thank you.

      - Koren M.